Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Denmark is beautiful even more so in summertime (could have been more beautiful in spring I suppose). Denmark is clean - I drink straight from the tap and if I could only bottle up the air I would if I could. I don't see garbage on sidewalk, I don't see smoke belchers, even the harbors smell nice I tell you. Every city has its own charm, mostly revolving around medieval buildings, history-laden brick walls and paths as well as castles.

Besides history and the environment, the Danes are absolutely friendly (at least my husband's family and the people we have encountered on our hikes are). They are very welcoming and I always get a greeting "hej" even from kids. Everyone is happy (even the garbage collector and the postman to name a few). They wouldn't be the happiest country for nothing.

Now, let me count the ways (apart from the ones I mentioned above):

01 | The attitude of gratitude. 

Kids are thought to say thanks for the meal (tak for mad) to whoever prepared the food. I would want to teach Summer that as well. Every day that I stayed in Denmark, I hear "tak" or "mange tak" from family and even from strangers.

02 | No one crosses the street when the red traffic light is on - even when there are no bicycles or cars coming! 

Talk about discipline. I would love to live here for good and that's enough reason for me to consider moving knowing that I would be living with rule-following citizens.

03 | Urban planning and transportation is above par. 

Even if Denmark is an old country, road networks are impressive. Train system is good. I've only experienced one malfunctioning train and the delay was less than 5 minutes including the transfer to a new coach. Roads and streets are also clearly marked - if you know how to read and follow signs then you will never get lost.

04 | I love Danish food. 

Not everyone likes Danish cuisine but I love it. I love leverpostej. I love remoulade. I love medisterpolse. I love smorrebrød. I love frikadeller. I've also grown to love boiled potatoes after not having rice for more than 2 months. Maybe I was a viking in my past life.

05 | People mind their own business (especially in public transport - yes, trains and buses can be very quiet). 

I love this! I can enjoy the view outside without being distracted. I guess I am over and done with small talks (but I don't detest it at all - I would still respond when someone talks to me). No one speaks loud in public as well (ah, such a welcome scenario - the exact opposite of where I come from).

06 | You have to have an appointment before you visit someone. 

Great! Once you have the appointment, make sure you show up and be on time. Why do I like this? Well, as you might have guessed I'm not a big fan of surprises and I need time to prepare (the house, the food, etc) that's why I love this practice so much.

07 | Castles were carefully preserved and some restored. 

I love how they respect and cherish their history. I was amazed seeing kids at the Kronborg Castle with their teacher for an educational tour. Some castles were also transformed and now serves as museums. Even the castle grounds where the royal family lives is open to the public.

08 | Danish design (especially interior design). 

Clean, elegant, luxurious, timeless - just but a few of the adjectives that one can use to describe Danish design (Royal Copenhagen, Lyngby, Georg Jensen, Rosendahl, Lego, Pandora, Arne Jacobsen among others).

09 | Color me amber. 

I love that I can walk on the shores (west Denmark) and I can search for amber (Danish gold). The best coastlines to look for ambers will be in North Jutland. If you are lucky, you will find amber in different sizes in most beaches. Insider tip: The best time to look for ambers is after a storm.

10 | Educational system is second to none. 

It's free! It's F-R-E-E! Looks like  Summer is set for life.

Denmark you are golden to me! I will leave a big part of my heart when I go back to the Philippines. I can't wait to be back again. I highly recommend to include Denmark in your travel bucket list. Albeit the smallest of the Scandinavian nations, it has so much to offer. 


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Monday, October 5, 2015


I wrote a blog post in March about 10 Oh So Pretty Scripts that I love and since then I have found 5 equally pretty script fonts that I wanted so bad to share with you. It has been 7 long months since then so I won't delay this round-up any further. Oh and yes, I still love modern calligraphy typefaces.


Starstruck is a hand-lettered script font that exudes charm and elegance. It's too sweet, sophisticated with seductive swirls! I've been using this font a lot in my name wreath projects. You can get Starstruck here. As you may have noticed by now, I used Starstruck in my blog header (inspired life and the letter "k" inside the wreath).


Stylish is a font that is undoubtedly "stylish". It's a hand-painted brush script created by one of my favorite artists, Nicky Laatz. I love how natural-looking this font is - it looks like my own handwriting if I may say so. But alas, it's not because it's Nicky's work of art. You can get Stylish here plus bonus goodies.


Sortdecai is the most popular font from SwistbInk Design Studio and in line with their 3rd anniversary, you can get $119 worth of the font family for only $27. This is an awesome deal and something you totally don't want to miss. You can get the Sortdecai font family here.


I got Soulbeams as part of a design package I bought a couple of months ago and I am not sure if it's for sale now as it is. I will update this as soon as I find out where you can directly buy or download this font. For now, you may browse through other fonts here.


I got Amelia's Quill for free when I won in an Instagram contest in Nicky Laatz's feed. You may want to follow her if you want to win in one of her giveaways as well. She shares her fonts to her followers and her feed is worth the follow. If you can't wait for the freebie, you may get Amelia's Quill here.

What fonts are your favorites from this round-up? If your favorite is not part of this list, please leave a comment below so I can check it out. It could very well be the next font I will fall in-love with.

PHOTO CREDIT: Desk by Heidi Lau and all the rest are from StockSnap (edited using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 to use the fonts featured).


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Friday, October 2, 2015


We are back to the yellow house which we call home in Denmark from a little more than a week trip to Jutland (West Denmark) and Flensburg in Germany. We sure had fun making wonderful family memories. As we drove back to Hillerod, we couldn't help but wish that we had more time to spend but we feel lucky as it is to have the luxury of time in our hands to explore as much as we could.

Walking around Flensburg City Center

On the roads and city centers where we walked around, I observed the street signs and signages. I used it to remember where we came from and which road to take. I noticed that LED signage are mostly used in gas stations (where you pump gas yourself and costs a lot more than in the Philippines). Restaurant signage on the other hand are the fixed kind (mostly acrylic signage or stainless signage).

Moin Moin is used as greeting in Flensburg, Germany but also used in a signage of an establishment as seen here. I went inside shops in the afternoon and the storekeepers greet shoppers almost in unison "moin moin". The first time I heard it I thought they were saying "good morning/morgen". I was totally wrong! Until I passed by a souvenir shop and saw moin moin practically scribbled in all the items. Face palm moment!

My husband entrusted me the map reading as well. Me and maps will never be a good mix but I forced myself to learn reading it so we will not get lost and we survived. I also had a little crash course on the road courtesy of the hubby. Learning impromptu!

It rained cats and dogs on our way home from Germany to Denmark. Auf Wiedersehen! This sign makes me remember Heidi Klum. 

I would surely miss our road trips in this part of Europe. I feel so blessed that I was able to experience such unforgettable trip with my little family. In about two weeks we will be back in the Philippines again. We may not be in a road trip there and I wouldn't need a map to navigate the city anymore but it would be nice to come home to a warmer place somehow. I am sure I would not be lost when we go back because we've only just been away for less than three months and I am almost sure the signages in every establishment will be a good guide. After all, I am one of those that remembers signs so well (or so I think).

I would never forget where FEU is in Makati, or Makati Medical Center, or Mang Inasal in the corner of Filmore and Dayap Street is in Palanan because their signages will still be present. The comman denominator of the three is that the signage design were all made by M&G Global Ads. M&G Global Ads is the leading signage maker and sign service provider in the Philippines. Oh and yes they also made the signages in Kidzania and assist businesses and organisations in imaging and branding needs.

Anyway, I need to go and prepare for my niece's birthday part later this afternoon. I'll see you soon Manila. Please be kind and I hope you embrace me back warmly.

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post and I will thus be compensated. All opinions are my own.


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Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around. 

Here's my happy things this week: 

1.   We safely started and finished our Hillerod to Esbjerg to Flensburg to Blåvand to Vejle and back to Hillerod road trip. Too many happy memories made, three museums visited, two instances of misreading the map, one stronger unit of love and zero fight. Pure awesomeness. 

2.   Summer learned to say "mama" and "dada". I am not sure if she associates it to me or to her dad though. Milestone checked!   

3.   It's a bummer that we didn't get to see the Black Sun (Sort Sol). We were however so lucky to see quite a number of different species of birds on our trip to Rømø.     

4.   Picked raspberries and blueberries and ate them too. I wish I could do it everyday.    

5.   Earned $33 from Creative Market this week. Oh and yes if you haven't downloaded the free goodies this week yet, go ahead and do so - floral alphabet is up for grabs. 

6.   Visited Minibyen (Little Town) - scale model of houses, schools and churches made of the same materials as the real ones in Varde Kommune, Denmark. 

7.   Rediscovering the wonderful product that is Nivea Creme. My face has no dry spots anymore. They say it's a very good dupe for Creme de la Mer. I love that it's so cheap yet it works.    

8.   Almost completing our travel itinerary. I have only one museum left in my list and I can't wait to see it. I'll write a blog post about it if we ever get to go. This time it's for contemporary art.          

9.   Buying 800 grams of Nutella for less than 3 euros. Score! It will always be a guilty pleasure.             

10.    Pumpkins in the garden - all ready for halloween. Too bad we won't be here anymore. I should try and make a pumpkin pie instead before we leave. Great idea no?           

That sums up my happy list this week. Do you list down things that made you happy too? Do share, I would love to know. 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015


"Everything has beauty but not everyone can see." -Confucius

Today, October 1st, I sit in my desk typing words in my computer just simply wishing to be at the very least make some sense and be somewhat coherent. I am still on our vacation high but a little sad that we're ending our family trip soon. There's only one museum left in our itinerary and we've practically crossed out all the items in our to-do list.

Yesterday, we were invited for afternoon coffee and tea and some pastry as well as cider and chips in a relative's home and I was asked the question "Are you excited to go back to the Philippines?'. I didn't bat an eyelash and I said "No!". I've fallen in-love with Denmark again much more than the last time we were here. Sure I miss my family and friends in the Philippines but I don't miss many other things but don't get me started on that (hello Manila traffic).

Our long walks made me appreciate how invigorating it is to live a stress-free life. I feel like our Scandinavian vacation has molded me into becoming a new person. I am more positive now, more energized to face the future and I feel content about my life, our lives.

That being said, I plan to make the most of what's left of our time here in Denmark. I will be updating  my blog as often as I can so I hope you come visit my blog again. Thank you for following our journey in Instagram. #TheNielsensInScandinavia


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Saturday, September 26, 2015


I have not been active here in my blog for the past couple of months because of several reasons - adjusting to a new life being a mom, working on name wreaths (#NameWreathByKT in Instagram) for my followers and clients, and travelling among other things. I however have been active in Instagram because it is very easy to take a photo, share, and tell a story.

If you have been following me on Instagram (@ktnielsen24), I know that you have witnessed and shared in our first family travel in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden) and a bit of Germany (Flensburg). I have shared bits and pieces of our travel, Scandinavian home design, tourist spots, and of course pictures of my little daughter, Viktoria Summer.

I also noticed that ever since I started putting a little love in posting pictures, my followers have been steadily increasing and I can only be thankful. I have also tried to put more meaningful captions. I am still working on unifying the theme/color of the pictures and I have so much to learn. I shy away from using filters now but maybe one day I would be able to appreciate it too like most of the Instagram users I follow. I am also learning how to carefully craft photos so it would look "prettier" and worthy of attention. I have so much to learn and if you have tips please leave a comment and I would gladly try.

Let me share a few of my Instagram posts.

A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

Fredensborg Palace The Queen and Prince Consort live at the Fredensborg Palace for extended periods of time. And in 2004, the Crown Prince couple took permanent residence in the Chancellery House. However now they live at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The beautiful Baroque-style palace is often the setting for important events in the lives of the Royal Family, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, and the Queen also receives Heads of State from all over the world at Fredensborg. The Palace is open to the public in July/August, on guided tours. The Palace Gardens are among the largest historical gardens in the country. A typically French Baroque element are the long broad avenues of trees radiating in a star shape from the centre of the palace. The part of the garden nearest the palace, the Reserved Garden, is the Royal Family's private area. However, in July, the Reserved Garden, as well as the Palace itself, the Vegetable Garden, and the Orangery are open to the public. Free admission to the Palace Garden all year round. Services are frequently held in the Chapel on Sundays and holidays. #Fredensborg #FredensborgSlot #FredensborgCastle
A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

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Friday, September 25, 2015


Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around. 

Here's my happy things this week: 

1.   Roadtrip to west of Denmark (Jutland) and then to Germany! Yes, we survived it.    

2.   Combed the shores of Blåvand beaches to look for amber (Denmark's gold). It was an awesome experience. I would love to do it everyday if I live here.   

3.   Summer loves food! She like mashed bananas, avocados, potatoes, asparagus, zucchini, carrots and even blackberries. She is a dream! Feeding time is always fun time between her and I or even when her daddy feeds her.    

4.   Lost a few kilograms while on vacation. How often does that happen?   

5.   Learning Dansk by reading labels and road signs. I have to start from somewhere right? 

6.   One of my photos was featured for #myweekoffoundandforaged.

7.   Crossing the Big Belt and Little Belt (bridges) when we travelled from Hillerod to Jutland.  

8.   Scandinavian design - I am getting so much inspiration for our future house.    

9.   Learning to read maps.      

10.   New fonts in Creative Market.    

That sums up my happy list. Hope you enjoyed it!

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