Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Hyperemesis Gravidarum Story

I have never heard of hyperemesis gravidarum before my doctor concluded that I am unfortunately suffering from it. Yes, suffering is an understatement and there is no better word to describe it. For starters, hyperemesis gravidarum is when pregnancy makes you violently ill - excessive nausea, vomiting (sometimes more than 10 times each day), several trips to the emergency room, dehydration, medications with several side effects, and the list goes on and on. I did not put on weight and until now I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight.


Hyperemesis gravidarum is  a condition characterised by severe nausea, excessive vomiting, weight loss, and electrolyte disturbance. Mild cases are treated with dietary changes, rest and antacids. More sever cases often require a stay in the hospital so that the mother can receive fluid and nutrition through an intravenous (IV) line. -AmericanPregnancy.Org

Morning Sickness:Hyperemesis Gravidarum:
Nausea sometimes accompanied by vomitingNausea accompanied by severe vomiting
Nausea that subsides at 12 weeks or soon afterNausea that does not subside
Vomiting that does not cause severe dehydrationVomiting that causes severe dehydration
Vomiting that allows you to keep some food downVomiting that does not allow you to keep any food down
Hyperemis gravidarum usually begins at between four weeks and seven weeks, easing off at between 14 weeks and 16 weeks of pregnancy. In most cases, HG will end by the 20th week. Unfortunately, for between 10% and 20% of sufferers, HG goes on to last for the whole pregnancy.


I have often quipped that having a baby will be my self-actualisation but it never occurred to me that hyperemesis gravidarum will be robbing me of the joys of pregnancy. There were times that I would be wallowing in self-pity because I don't feel normal at all and I would hear comments that everything is just psychological and that it's all in my mind. I just shrug it off and try to find support from my husband and my family and stories of other women who also had HG at some point.

There were times that nausea just reduces me to be holed up in bed. There would be days that I won't shower because I would feel like I would faint in the bathroom. Every time I see a sink I would retch. Every time I smell something strong I would retch. Just a couple of minutes after I finish eating,  I would rush to the bathroom to throw up with tears rolling down my cheeks until the vomit is clear. Those moments would make me feel guilty that I am not providing enough nutrients for my baby. It was a nightmare that I wasn't prepared for. My husband tried to talk me several times to quit my night-shift job and I finally decided to agree to take a medical leave until after I give birth after my second hospital confinement.

I also felt that hyperemesis gravidarum did not let me enjoy the first few kicks of my little one because it felt like every time she kicks, the nausea sets off. I think that it was extremely unfair for me to suffer this much. There were times when I felt like giving up and there were several times that  I told my husband that this will be my first and last pregnancy because the risk is very high for me to have HG again on my next pregnancies (just like Kate Middleton).


I am now on my 28th week of pregnancy and I can say that my condition has improved to say the least at the onset of my 26th week (vomiting is now reduced to at least 2-3 times each day). I have been resting a lot (zero work stress at that) and I have been eating on time. I have also regained my taste for water and I am starting to feel hunger pangs and thirst. I have never ever felt hungry nor thirsty before my 26th week maybe because I was fearful that I will just vomit everything I eat or drink. The metallic taste in my mouth has also disappeared so I can now drink either natural or mineral water.

My focus now is not so much on hyperemesis gravidarum as I pretty much got used to it (if I may say so). I am now monitoring my sugar level as I was recently diagnosed to have gestational diabetes as well as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

I am constantly praying that the next few weeks of my pregnancy until I finally give birth to our little one can only get better. I have been through a very difficult ordeal and I know that this will all be worth it when I finally see and hold our little princess, Baby VS.

Yes, I know and I am claiming it - things will only get better!


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Saturday, October 25, 2014

I See Something

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi won the Toastmasters' 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking over 30,000 other participants. Dananjaya's humor and with with his aptly titled speech "I See Something" captured the top of the plum. I personally enjoyed his speech and I want to share it you.

"Sometimes life has a cruel way of taking out your petals, breaking you in two and throwing you into the trash can. When you are broken, it is very difficult to feel special." 

Hettiarachchi joined Toastmasters 10 years ago and competed in hundreds of speech contests before reaching his goal of earning the title of World Champion of Public Speaking. In his acceptance speech, he said, "Toastmasters saved my life 10 years ago. When I failed my first speech, someone in the back said, 'I see something in you.' Now it's my turn to give back and be a role model for youth in South East Asia." - Toastmasters News Release 

Be inspired! 


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Friday, October 24, 2014

Today Is Our Second Wedding Anniversary

As you get older your perception of time changes from slow to lightning fast. Where did two years go? It does not feel like it's been two years since Christian and I got hitched. 

Exactly two years ago today we exchanged our "I do's" and vowed to love each other forever. Last year we spent our anniversary thousands of miles apart and today I am overjoyed because you are here to celebrate it with me. I was serious when I said that I don't want a fancy dinner nor any form of grand gesture. I am content with our overflowing love for each other. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband my darling Christian. Cheers to more years of togetherness, near or far, memories, laughters, tears, awkward moments, and the whole nine yards. Pretty soon we will have our little bundle of joy with us and I am looking forward to building our own family through the years.

I love you then, I love you now, I will love you forever... Happy anniversary sweetheart! 


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Friday, October 3, 2014

Online Shopping Before The Stork Arrives

I have been away from my blog and basically the whole of social media for almost four months now due to a very difficult first trimester of my pregnancy. Yes, you heard it right! I am going to be a mom really soon and there’s a bun in the oven expected to say hello to the world early next year. I am elated, excited but nervous at the same time. My second trimester is a lot better than my first so now I am slowly getting back to the swing of things.

I have started preparing for the baby’s arrival and aside from making sure that my baby will be comfortably clothed and well-fed, I am also making sure that frugality is still in the list. I have written down a lot of items in my list – from the crib to clothes to baby bottles to cloth diapers among others. I never expected it could be this overwhelming so I am glad that I am now able to catch up on things that I was not able to focus on while I was in and out of the hospital to treat my hyperemesis gravidarum. The whole ordeal deserves another blog entry one of these days.

Hey, it takes a village to raise a child ain’t it? The holiday rush in going to the malls is also something that I personally detest so I always opt to shop online – I save on time, gas, effort, and of course money. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this. Online shopping also prevents impulse buys for me as I get to keep items in my cart before I finally decide to check-out and of course I can use Nordstrom coupon codes 2014 to get awesome discount. Now that we are kind of facing the hard times, I believe that we should save whichever way we can and there’s nothing wrong with hunting down the best deals in my own opinion.

I’ve been religiously scouring through different online stores during my spare time and Nordstrom is one of my favorites to say the least. Nordstrom is an online shopping haven which offers a variety of options for kids and adults alike. I like scouring through pages and pages of cute outfits with modern designs. I can only wish these clothes were also available when I was a little girl. Of course, Christmas is just around the corner so getting my shopping list done is also a breeze. What’s more? I can use Nordstrom coupons to get free shipping, huge discounts, special offers, freebies and so much more.

All pictures from the Nordstrom website. Pink confetti breton stripe hooded bunting for girls / Navy peacoat breton stripe hooded bunting for boys / Ralph Lauren knit shawl collar dress and bloomers / Popatu ruffle pettidress / Baby Aspen owl bloomers / Sara Kety graphic bodysuit / Little Me lovebirds dress and bloomers 

Of course, before the bouncing baby arrives mommy should be well-dressed so I am definitely head over heels and really inspired looking at the hoard of maternity clothing offered by Nordstrom - so chic and fashionable. I am sure the hubby would be pleased and would not complain about me shopping eh? Oh and yes if he complains, I’ll show him the Nordstrom promo codes that I plan to use. Kidding aside, online shopping is really one of the best blessings of the internet and I am going to be a fan for as long as lining up to pay in department store counters is a part of my pet peeves.

Nordstrom promo codes can help you and me get discount and save money shopping online. Oh yeah, don't tell me I didn't share. Keep calm and shop on! Now please excuse me so I can get some shopping done. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Starting Another Year

Today, I start another year in my life. I still remember how I celebrated my birthday last year - cooked for friends and invited them over in my little apartment. It was nothing fancy, nothing glam,  nothing over-the-top but I undoubtedly enjoyed the food and conversations as well as laughter. Friends and family indeed makes one richer. A lot has happened since then, 365 days full of memories, mistakes, risks, triumphs, travels, and yes my life couldn't be anything better. I could not ask for more.

Sometimes I get to thinking  that this year has changed my outlook on money - saving and spending among others. This is the year when I look at my savings account and I smile knowing that my vessel will never be empty. I feel so blessed. I am happy. I am fulfilled. I am contented. I think about the days and months and years ahead of me and I smile. This is the life I imagined when I was still a little girl - a life bathed with simple pleasures, a life full of positivity and a life well-lived for the most part.

1  I have made it a point to spend time with the right people in my life.

2  I never let a bad day make me feel like I have a bad life.  

3  I learned to love my own decisions.

4  Happiness is not something that can be postponed for the future because it is something that I can design into the present.

5  Never worry about people who don't worry about me at all.

6  Someone else is incredibly happy with far less than what I have. -always makes me teary-eyed

7  Sometimes people throw away something good for something better, only to find out later that good was actually good enough and better never even came close.

8  Travel will make your life richer.

9  It hurts the most when you start pretending it doesn't.

10  Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

If you are reading this and you have been a part of my life in one way or another, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my very happy heart. You make my life worth living!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fairmont Makati Staycation

They say that third's time the charm and I could not agree more - I am now spending a very relaxing weekend to usher in my birthday week in Fairmont Makati. As mentioned this is my third stay in this hotel this year. I spent two days during my first stay, one day on the second and three days this time around. Of all the hotels that I have stayed in here in Metro Manila, I could say that Fairmont Makati made me feel at home the most. Every employee is just so friendly and always armed with a cheery smile right from the moment that I arrive to the moment when you feel like you just don't want to leave.

Before I fill you in about my staycation, I just wanted to tell you upfront that Fairmont Makati is now one of my favorite home away from home.

Let's get started, shall we?

I got upgraded to the Fairmont Gold Room (thank you very much) because June is my birthday month and because I used my BPI Gold Mastercard to pay for my hotel bill. The Fairmont Gold experience begins the moment I arrived - check-in was at the private Fairmont Gold floor reception desk at the 7th level. Check-in is always very efficient and seamless. While waiting for my details to be documented, I am ushered in to one of the plush lounge chairs and offered coffee, tea or any drinks available plus a tempting selection of delicacies perfectly matched with afternoon tea amenities. This exclusive treat is available between 2PM to 4PM daily. Must try - calamansi and ube macarons - so delicate and flavorful.

If what I enumerated and showed you won't entice you to book your stay pronto then I don't know what will. Click the picture below to check hotel availability and rates. 

The Fairmont Makati Gold Room

The room is cozy, clean and very comfy. I super love the bed and the pillows. All Fairmont Gold rooms have Stearns and Forster luxury beds. Sleep is a luxury for me and sleeping on this bed is my little piece of heaven in the city. I almost didn't want to leave the room. There is also an electronic control panel on one of the bedside tables thus you would not need to get up to turn off the lights. How convenient! The floor to ceiling windows, provides ample natural lighting as well.

Apart from the impeccable service, Fairmont Makati's bathroom is one of the reasons why I would keep coming back here to stay. The walls and floors are made of luxurious marble with a separate walk-in shower, tub and loo. 

The Fairmont Makati Swimming Pool, 
Gym and Willow Spa 

The pool, gym and spa are located at the 4th level. This is where I go when I needed fresh air and refreshments. The pool bar also serves some quick cooking dishes and local and international drinks. Oh they also serve halo-halo inside a coconut.

The Macaron Bar

If you wanted to satisfy your craving for macarons - different colors and flavors, go down to the lobby and look for The Macaron Bar. I can almost guess that it will be your favorite macaron place from now on. 

Fairmont Makati Gold Lounge

At the luxuriously designed Fairmont Gold Lounge, our discreet team is dedicated to ensuring your complete privacy and highly personalized stay. Throughout the day, you can relax sipping on tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks. The Honor Bar is available to enjoy from 12:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. while a selection of complimentary spirits and liquors are served from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
With 60 elegant and comfortable Makati City hotel suites and guest rooms, you can rise refreshed to a hearty Deluxe Continental Breakfast served at the Fairmont Gold Lounge from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on weekdays, and 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays, with stunning views of the waking city.
Discover our rich Spanish heritage with our Merienda Cena orAfternoon Tea. Offered from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, you can indulge in a tempting selection of authentically local delicacies, beloved flavors that Filipinos have enjoyed for centuries.
Your Fairmont Gold Lounge experience does not stop there as Evening Hors D’oeuvres are served from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. featuring culinary masterpieces prepared by our master chefs. Enhance your evening cocktail with complimentary bar service highlighting our signature champagne, Veuve Cliquot. Then, cap the night with a sweet ending to your day as our Golden Lullaby treats you to a variety of sinful pastries and desserts from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. - sweet dreams!

For inquiries and reservations, call 1-800-257-7544 or 02-555-9888. Fairmont Makati is located at 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City. 

I had a wonderful stay and I will for sure be back one of these days. Thank you for the warm welcome Fairmont Makati and of course thank you for the surprise birthday cake. I love it! 

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
- Oprah Winfrey

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Sunday Currently - Stopped to Smell the Roses

Wow!  It has been a good two months and a few days since I joined "The Sunday Currently". I did not completely neglect this blog, if that could be any consolation. It's just that I had a lot of things going on and work stuff prevailed over all other things that I had to do. I had to retreat a bit because I felt like the life in my life just completely passed me by.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” - JOHN LENNON

U R R E N T L Y . . . 

READING the Fairmont Hotel magazine. I am comfortably lounging in this ultra-comfy lounge chair in the corner of the room while watching random telly channels.

WRITING a thank you note to the cleaning lady for always making sure that the room is tidy and for making sure that I have everything I need during the turndown service. I can get used to this life.  I am also writing down quotes in my little notebook that I can use for my calligraphy practice sessions. Yes, I have picked up a new hobby yet again. I joined a workshop a couple of weeks ago and you can see my journey here

LISTENING to silence. Ah! That feeling of just relishing the peace and quiet. 

THINKING about the year that was. It will be my birthday in the next 2 days and I could not imagine how jampacked the past year was.

SMELLING the rosehip oil I just slathered on my face. I don't know I could not describe the smell but it's a little unpleasant for me although the smell disappears eventually. I still continue to use it because of its benefits to the skin so I can shake off the smell issue. 

WISHING for more happiness in my life as I start living another year.

HOPING to start drafting our travel itinerary to Davao on September and South Korea on November. I will be travelling with friends and I am more than excited.  

WEARING  my nightgown and a thick robe. I could not live in cold places really. 

LOVING the smiles and service of  the Fairmont Makati staff. Definitely plus points in my book! 

WANTING to come back here and stay again. I just feel so relaxed. 

NEEDING to drink more water. I just observed that I am experiencing cramps on my leg often especially when I wake up. I don't know if this merits medical attention but I guess this is not something that I should just treat lightly. 

FEELING so relaxed. Sometimes we just have to stop our daily routine and smell the roses.

This is my 9th entry to the blog link-up for "The Sunday Currently". If you missed the other posts, why not click this LINK?