My Bucket List

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This post is inspired by the movie which was top billed by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. This will be a perpetual list. My goal is to have at least 240 in my list given that I live until 50 and that I need to accomplish at least 10 every year. Quite a conservative estimate but hopefully I'd live to see each one accomplished.

1. Start an online business.
2. Visit a tulip field.
3. Stay in a spa for at least 12 hours.
4. Parasail once and for all.

5. Reefwalk.

6. Jetski on my own.
7. Ride in a hot air balloon.
8. Cook something for the homeless near my apartment.
9. Learn a second language (French or Spanish).
10. Plan a surprise trip back home.
11. Organize my room. Keep it neat and tidy all year long.
12. Send mom all bags/purses I rarely use.
13. Send mom all my books so she can update our mini-library.
14. Go to Palawan and visit the underground river.
15. Go to Bohol and check out the tarsiers.
16. Go to Bohol and check out the Chocolate Hills.
17. Strawberry-pick in Baguio City.
18. Be a vegan for a week.
19. Be a vegan for a month.
20. Be a vegan for a quarter.
21. Learn to swim.
22. Learn how to bowl competitively.
23. Go to the gym at least thrice a week.
24. Be a size 6 before my next birthday.
25. Do something good daily. 
26. Enroll Ateneo-Regis MBA and finish it. (in the process)
27. Save and earn my first million before I am 30.
28. Learn how to play the piano.
29. Win in a raffle promo. I have never won even once in my life.
30. Stop thumbsucking.
31. Donate some of my magazines.
32. Do some regular cardio exercises in and out of the gym.
33. Plant a tree every year.
34. Learn to commute. This will help me save my first million.
35. Smile to at least one person daily.
36. Be a better manager/leader.
37. Help send a kid to school.
38. Be a faithful thither.
39. Watch at least one good movie every month.
40. Visit Paris before I turn 30.
41. Publish my book before I turn 50.
42. Get married.
43. Have kids. -Daughter born on February 10, 2015 
44. Be the best wife for my husband.
45. Learn how to cook chicken pot pie.
46. Perfect my brownie recipe.
47. Perfect my pesto pasta.
48. Cook a sumptous meal for my team at work.
49. Write my team a thank you letter before Q3 ends.
50. Visit the Botanical Garden in Singapore Copenhagen.
51. Tour the Louvre museum.
52. Watch Cirque Du Soleil in person. (almost)
53. Write an article that will be featured in a national newspaper. (I got featured in a magazine so this counts)
54. Learn photography.
55. Learn perfume making.
56. No fastfood for one month.
57. Buy my dad the watch he wanted.
58. Visit an orphanage.
59. Visit the Great Wall of China.
60. Create a blog that will stay anonymous and that people won't know that I created it.
61. Stay in a hotel alone over the weekend.
62. Travel to a place alone.
63. Read a book from cover to cover in one day.
64. Volunteer for a charitable cause.
65. Get a United Nations job.
66. Eat something exotic. - adobong frog which I cooked myself
67. Try to eat century egg.
68. Visit the Marikina Shoe Museum.
69. Have a good sleeping habit even just for one week.
70. Go to at least 3 Disneylands before I turn 30. (Hongkong, Tokyo, Euro)
71. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
72. Go to Pagudpud.
73. Go to Camiguin and check out the Sunken Cemetery.
74. Host a slumber party.
75. Cut my phone bill to 2K per month.
76. Visit Anawangin with friends.
77. Watch a Maroon 5 concert.
78. Watch Ne-Yo in concert again.
79. Watch Mariah Carey in concert again.
80. Have my picture taken in costume.
81. Learn to play guitar.
82. Skydive!
83. Enrol in an acting workshop.
84. Buy my mom an Italian recipe book.
85. Design my own evening gown.
86. Eat only fish in one week.
87. Visit an indigenous community and meet the locals.
88. Teach Uncle Don how to cook perfect sunny side-up eggs.
89. Have my picture taken with a local celeb.
90. Have my picture taken with a foreign celeb.
91. Reach the top of the Petronas Towers.
92. Reach the top of Taipei 101.
93. Have my picture taken inside Burj Al Arab.
94. Buy me some real jewelry set and pass on to my daughters.
95. Touch an ostrich.
96. Touch a giraffe.
97. Touch a tiger.
98. Touch a lion.
99. Travel to Africa and admire its wildlife.
100. Go back to Bantayan Island.

Part 2 will be published tomorrow.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I might just be willing to accept the dare. Who knows?

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