Broken Glass (written by a friend)

5:08 AM

----I was browsing through some friend's blogs when I saw this one written by Verlaine (college classmate who now works for Deutsche Bank) sometime February 2005.

Broken Glass

when good-byes are tougher than they seem.

kessa. another heart that's been broken. i remember how bubbly she is. she used to pass by my workstation and share her stories until she left for cebu. who could possibly break a heart like that? kessa has put up her own webpage and called it her K E S S A T H E A. i never realize the intensity of her pain until after a few messages we've exchanged in outlook. i've always known her as a tough gurl. she had found herself in that same situation but she managed to work it out. ... but, will she still have energy to do so?

---I've moved on from this heartache she mentioned and I had all the energy to. And still, the end of it all I still love L-O-V-E.

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