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"Sometimes, there's nothing harder than being happy for someone else."

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) uttered those words of truth in one of my favorite episodes of Sex and The City, "The Baby Shower." As a woman in my mid-20s, I am slowly gaining more events on my yearly calendar dedicated to the pairing-up and popping out of friends and family. Especially in the months between June and December, we young, single women seem to get inundated with hand-engraved invitations or save-the-date cards requesting our presence at the event which is centered around a goal we have not yet attained: a lifelong commitment to a good man, a sparkly ring, champagne flutes with strawberries afloat, and maybe even a starter home or one of my goals since I started plotting one out, own a house encased by a white picket fence.

And all the while, we sit, kneel, stand, pray, bow our heads, smile, bring extravagant gifts, get dressed to the nines, and profusely congratulate the happy couple and their parents. We couldn't be happier for them.

But there is something about attending pre-wedding events that make me ask myself a few questions. Although I can bet my future engagement ring, I have well prepared myself to the answers of the following questions. Will others be so kind to me when my time comes? Is the gift lacking in thought because it came from the registry? Will I become a tyrannical bride, enforcing the dreaded French mani/pedi and throwing pastel taffeta on "my girls?" Will I be a bridezilla?

There's nothing like a peer getting married to force you to reassess your life. For those of us who aren't yet walking down the aisle, and are in no hurry, there's nothing like a bridal shower and bachelorette party to make you at once both happy and frustrated about being single.

But one thing's for sure, this blog will not let me throw a pity party for me, myself and I.

***To Nonie and Omar - have a blessed union and looking forward to the time when our kids become friends as well. To Tia and Jose - you have been together for so long already and I hope that you stay in love with each other longer. To JS and Chadney - keep your family intact and keep the love stronger each day. To Darice and Christian - I can feel the time is near and we have talked about you wanting a simple and memorable ceremony. I will lend you my wedding magazines before the big day. To Me and My Future Husband - hey, you two get your act together and find each other soon, the bio clock is ticking and you don't know what you're losing.

Note: Thanks to Hayley O. for the inspiration for me to post this article.

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