Little Sister

10:26 PM

NOTE: Little sister appears to be taller because she is wearing some two inch high heels and I am comfortably wearing my ballet flats in this picture.

Meet my sister...Chiradee May.

She's 21 and working on her nursing licensure examination.

Time really flies so fast. I could still remember our numerous childish fights and countless jealousy on who's more loved by our parents. I could still vividly recall the numerous times I had to bribe her so she will be the one to wash the dishes and do my other chores so I can go ahead watch TV and be couch potato for the entire day. I also recall this one fight we had that we threw things at each other and we received some bigtime scolding and spanking from our Mama Queen Bee because of that. That still cracks me up more often than not. I think it is too darn childish. I remember our neighbor telling me that my sister confided that she feels that I am more loved than her. She's funny. I guess she never realized that I do am jealous of her too, sometimes. I also remember her having a crush on this one guy I've dated. She would feel giddy when she sees that guy. (The dating game is over and that guy is already married - not to me.)

Our last fight happened last year though. But it was over before the next day ended. Living far from my family makes me miss them so much and I miss my sister to say the least. I wish we could have our own girls night out. Just enjoy being sisters. She still would consult my advise on love matters otherwise through the phone, SMS or when we chat.

But we have grown up well. We both finished school. Petty fights is so over and we have grown past that stage.

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