Butterfly Salmon

4:40 PM

Well, I went to the grocery today to buy some fridge fillers and went home with a hungry tummy so I whipped up the easiest meal I could make, and I am going to call it "Butterfly Salmon".

It's like the one I made last week, only this one is a better fillet and I was able to cook it perfectly on both sides. I coated the fillet with extra virgin olive oil and rubbed a mix of garlic powder, salt, pepper and dried herb (next time I'll try to see if paprika will make the taste better). I let the mix get absorbed by the salmon for a good 15 minutes.

TIP 1: Always make sure that your pan is waiting on you and not you waiting on the pan to heat up. This way you maximize your time to prepare any dish you are cooking.

I seared the fillet for a good a minute and a half each side.While moving the fillet to the other side, I accidentally pry the center open. I immediately thought of a way on how to plate it well. And so the butterfly wings came to mind with the help of the romaine greens.

TIP 2: To make the fancy hearts, drop sauce on the sides of the plate and run a knife across the center.

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