Skycable Broadband 15 Day-Trial Free

1:38 PM

I have internet connection back at home. I am on cable connection, Skycable's broadband connection. I got a little flyer in my mailbox and thought I'd read through it and what do you know it offers a 15-day trial. Good heavens! Free things still exist.

To avail of the 15-day trial absolutely free:
- must be a Skycable subscriber
- must have at least one-year tenure with Skycable - must be in good credit standing
- call 6310000 for more details

I called the contact person on the list last Saturday and before 5PM, someone came over to let me sign an application form and then around 10AM on Sunday, I have broadband connection at home. Well, I think that is what you call service. I have always been a fan of Skycable customer service and PLDT clearly lacks this. So now I am thinking to just ditch my PLDT service (read: they require 2-3 weeks for reinstallation). If I push through with Skycable, I only need to pay the Php1000 deposit for the cable modem and Php999 for the first month. If I have my PLDT reinstalled (because I transferred to a new place), I have to pay Php1500 for the DSL connection and Php1200 for the phone line. Only problem with Skycable is I won't have a phone line to use to call for late night deliveries, water deliveries, and all those type of things. So, I might max out my mobile phone limit again if this happens. But thinking of the savings I could get plus avoiding any chance to deal with PLDT's crappy service, I think I am better off with Skycable. Ahhh, I still have 13 days to decide. Wish me luck!

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