Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beauty Giveaway Anyone?

I have been closely following Frances' blog for the past few months and I missed her first giveaway and now that she is yet again showering some beauty loot the world over, I am so joining...Yes, she will ship wherever you are in the world. Aint that awesome? Here is the LINK so you can go check her giveaway rules/guidelines for yourself.

What's in her beauty basket giveaway right now?

Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation worth PHP 499
Clear Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation worth PHP 599
Clear Smooth Minerals Blush worth PHP 499

EyeStudio Vivid & Smooth Eye Liner worth PHP 359
EyeStudio Eyeshadow Quad worth PHP 449
Unstoppable Curly Lash Extension Mascara worth PHP 349

Fruity Jelly Lipgloss worth PHP 129
Moisture Extreme Pink Lipstick worth PHP 299
Watershine Collagen Shimmers Lipstick worth PHP 369

I'll end my post here so you can go ahead click this LINK and join too...Hurry girlies! Winners will be announced on Friday, June 26!

And yes Frances, this is super duper exciting...


mszcheysser said...

Thanks for sharing, girl-friend :) I went to her blog to check it out! I'm going to join soon! Woohoo!

Topaz Horizon said...

Thanks for joining my contest! I'll be picking the winner tonight. I hope to make the big announcement in 15 hours! Good luck!

P.S. It's kinda hard to leave a comment on your blog. So many steps! Maybe you can lessen the steps so you can encourage more comments =D

Kessa Thea said...

Thanks for the tip Frances. I am actually trying to find a way to revert back to the default comment screen but I can't. :(  It's part of the HTML pains I actually was referring to in  one of my posts. I would be overjoyed if anyone can tell me how I could get rid of JSKit. Sigh!

Topaz Horizon said...

I have a surprise waiting for you in my blog 8-)