I Named A Lipstick Shade and I Won!

9:52 AM

Early July of this year, I blogged about Lancome's Pout-a-Porter Chris Benz Name The Lipstick Contest. I gave some cutesy and sweet names (Lip Crave, Insatiable Desire, Divine Hue, Stolen Kiss, Hello Rouge, and Sweep Me Over) and some catchy ones (Le Benz Affair, Chris & Tell, Benz-aholic) hoping on the side that Chris Benz will like the name as he was the one who will personally choose the winner. Chris partnered with Lancome to come up with the lipstick shade and was planned to be showcased for Chris' Spring 2010 Show this month.

And sure it was, Chris' show pushed through and he announced the winner. He chose Chris & Tell which is one of the names I suggested. OMG! I am so thrilled. I am so happy. I am so proud of that eureka moment I had while brainstorming on what to name the lipstick. The shade was not shown and no clue was given. Everyone who joined kept waiting for a little more than two months.

This morning I got an email from Kerry Diamond, Lancome VP for PR congratulating me for winning. I am still in awe. I am speechless. I am overjoyed.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the models wearing the lipstick shade from Chris Benz' show. (All pictures taken from The Lancome Blog)

"Second, the clothes were so colorful, so fun and so optimistic. You couldn't help but smile when looking at them. We decided the models looked like human macarons in those yummy bright pastel shades!" - Kerry Diamond

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