Typhoon Ondoy

10:24 PM

I went to work last night while raining, no reports of flooded areas yet and traffic was not anywhere near heavy. Work was light because of the very light queue and so the shift has ended before we all knew it. I treated my team for breakfast and we decided to all go home before it rains hard.

I then headed home, watched TV for some news and then the power went off. I went to bed completely unaware of the havoc that the recent typhoon is already causing, all I know is that it is raining and that's it. I woke up when my phone vibrated and read a text from my mom asking how am I doing and that almost 70% of the Metro is already flooded. I told her I am doing fine and that she need not worry about me. I then jumped out of the bed and took some pictures from my window. Here's one:

I can only imagine the wrath of nature...


1. Tropical Storm Ondoy made landfall near the boundary of Aurora and Quezon with the packing winds of 85 kilometers per hour near the center and the speed of 19 kilometer per hour moving west-northwest, (September 26, 2009).

2. Licensure Examination for Teachers in Metro Manila on Sunday, September 27, 2009 is postponed.

3. 15th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship to be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 is postponed.

4. At least 25 provinces of Luzon including Metro Manila are placed under state of calamity by the government (September 26, 2009).

And here are some more pictures I found throughout the internet...(I've linked the pictures to the source)

There are lots of people displaced, cold, hungry and homeless. Let's pray for the safety of those still outside the comforts of their homes. According to PAG-ASA, there has been a recorded 341mm of rainfall already.

I am now packing some old clothes to donate to those in need in the next few days. In the meantime, I am yet to worry what to eat as I only have water and beer and Lush massage bar in my fridge. Ahhh, talking about not being ready.

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