2010 Belle de Jour Planner

11:05 PM

What equal my love for blogging and journals will probably be my passion for keeping journals - being organized (being on time, not missing deadlines and yeah not forgetting special days and appointments). I've been keeping journals since God knows when and there were some years that I had more than 1 planner.

And this year aside from owning the much coveted Starbucks Planner, I am now a proud owner of the BDJ Powerplanner. The 2010 Belle du Jour is a must have for every girl that has "be organized" in their New Year's list of resolutions. I for one aims and wants to be organized year after year.

Grab a copy of the 2010 Belle de Jour Power Planner! This year’s edition comes with a cloth cover, a garter enclosure, a pen holder and a BDJ-forget-me-not notepad! The 2010 BDJ planner will surely make you breeze through the new year with greater sense of ease and style. With pages and pages of coupons, and lots of special features, this planner is definitely a must have for the coming year! BDJ is available at leading bookstores and via www.belledejourpowerplanner.com.

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