Monday, November 30, 2009

Happiness Is...Achieving Your Goal!

Before I joined this contest (Nestle 14-Day Challenge), one of my motivations is to fit into this little red dress I bought and has been hanging in my closet for the longest time. Now, it is more than that, not even the slightest bit of any superficial reason. Now, I realized the value of taking care of my health to be able to enjoy life more, to be able to have the energy to get me through the day, to be able to bring back that self-confidence that has weighed me down.

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things I want to see happen. Imagine the smile on my face as well as my teammate's at the weigh-off when we all reached the minimum required weight loss for the 14-day challenge. I could have jumped up and down, did somersaults if only I was not too shy enough.We were happy beyond words, unbelievably thankful that our dedication and hard work to attain our goals has paid off.

Now, the question is not who is going to let us; it is who is going to stop us continue setting goals for ourselves and achieving those goals one step at a time. Now that we all realized that we can commit to a goal, I know it would not be rocket science to continue the weight loss coupled with a responsible diet with the help of Nestle Fitnesse (you can't go wrong with any variant).

I am proud to belong to Team Earthlingorgeousness!!! Your VOTES will be our motivation to push through...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Challenge

I attended the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape public launch at Greenbelt 3 Activity Area after my shift yesterday both as a participant and a member of the media (blogging anyone?). I met Earth, Wena and Belle at the venue and successfully passed the medical check (weigh-ins and all). We all form the team that has been named Earthlingorgeousness (nice play with words yeah?) If we have your support, please cast your vote by clicking this LINK.

The 14-DAY program is designed to help people achieve healthy body weight. The 14-DAY program is designed as a kick-start to your weight loss only. Those wishing to continue on a weight management program should consult their doctor or dietitian for support and regular monitoring and advice. After the program, make sure that you stick to a healthy balanced diet, which can include a bowl of NESTLE FITNESSE for breakfast, and aim for at least half an hour of exercise a day--brisk walking, cycling, and swimming are great.

I decided to join because I know this program will reinforce my quest to attain the healthiest and fittest me ever. I have long been wanting to be in shape. And now I am not making any excuses anymore. I am tired sulking over why a size 6 won't fit me. I am positive that our team will be able to achieve the minimum goal set and you know why? We are sure gotta work our asses off with these prizes up for grabs...
Would you have thought of the Philippine map as fashionable? If you did, you would have been the one elevated into the Ultimate wardrobe. From ponchos to Fashionalista t-shirts, Rhett Eala’s unique ingenuity makes him a standout in the Ultimate Wardrobe.
Bringing a sense of modern elegance and clean chic to Manila 's fashion scene, Religioso is breath of fresh RTW-wind to the Ultimate Wardrobe.
Michi Calica guarantees the best fitted wedding dresses in the country, but with creations splashed with vibrant prints and bold colors, top editors affirm that she can definitely go beyond wedding to design anything else she'd like.
With her playful designs that remind everyone to have fun with fashion, Kate Torralba is a shoo-in for the metro’s Ultimate Wardrobe. ----I like this dress. This would surely look ubernice paired with leather boots while walking the streets of Paris next year. (Yes, I am trying to lose weight partly because of my scheduled trip. Other than that, I just wanna be healthy.)
With creations that are a marriage of sexy and elegant and pieces that are head-turning yet classy; every Manila style maven deserves to have a Jun Escario in her own closet.
With its flagship Philippine store opening soon, Hermès is making a lot of buzz; given this, it’s no surprise that an Hermès belt made the cut to the Ultimate Wardrobe shortlist.
Owning a Chanel is considered to be a right of passage for every fashionista: a Chanel dress is not just a dress; it’s a statement that says you’re serious about fashion.
With Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller being some of the A-list celebrities sporting this sexy yet comfy brand of jeans, 7 For All Mankind is really the denim made for Manila’s most coveted wardrobe.

PHOTO CREDITS: Nestle Fitnesse Press Kit

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What's A Girl To Do?

I have been preparing for the Timex Run that I am joining on the 15th and I have been sticking to my target and regimen as strictly as I can (well, until the body says stop). And what better way for a girl to spend some reward moments after a good workout than to pamper herself silly. Yeah?

I had marine algae foot spa and pedicure as well as marine algae manicure. This time I still have red polish only it's a different shade. Now, I am wearing OPI An Affair In Red Square. I got very good feedback as to the shine and intensity of the polish and I think this color just dethroned OPI Romeo and Joliet as my favorite.

And oh I also had some waxing done and I need not say where but it was done in Brazilian Bare, 5th Floor Rustans Makati. The attendant said I was too brave because I just read a magazine without letting an audible ouch out while she did what she had to do. Pat on the back girly!

What have you done to pamper yourself recently?

Starbucks Coffee Planner 2010

Lucky seven (7) cups to go... and I am set to owning the first of the three designs that I plan to collect.

I'm planning to get Roast first and then Brew and then save Bean for last. It's just the third day of the Starbucks sticker craze today but I already managed to collect ten (10). Well, the two (2) latest stickers I got last night were courtesy of my boss. I didn't load up on the sweet stuff so I am not in any way ruining the diet and running plan. I am still on track and I am proud to tell y'all that. I plan to give one planner to my mom, one to my sis and keep one for myself (my dad won't need it I'm sure).

I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture of the designs yet because the store is almost always super busy when I visit. So, I'll just update this post once I manage to take some.

How far are you from redeeming your first Starbucks Coffee Limited Edition Planner?