Goodbye March, Hello April

7:15 PM

March is almost over (in less than six hours). Oh, how it roll by so fast. Everything happened in a blur. April is about to unravel more surprises and happenings but the thing I am most excited with will be the month of June. I am turning 28 this year (read: I am getting older). Overall, March has been very good to me and my family.

Oh and thank you for all the prayers and the thoughtfulness as my sister went through an operation (I was the one managing her Facebook and other online stuff while she was at the hospital). She is now safe and recuperating and all she asked me was to send her loaves of Gardenia bread because that was all she was craving for after the doctors removed her appendix and cleaned her other internal organs (TMI).

Anyway, I wrote this post too to share how lucky I have been this month. I joined quite a few contests/giveaways and I managed to win three. That ain't bad yeah? I won DJ Mo's (in partnership with Tradeport) daily trivia contest. I got the prize the day after I was informed that I won and guessed the correct number of ways on how you can pay Tradeport for your online purchase. If this is how fast shipping and delivery for orders really is from this e-mall then I guess they are bound to success and dominate the online shopping craze here in the Philippines. I got the package all wrapped up around 10 in the morning. I received a Philips Radio and an alarm clock with radio. :-) 

Since I liked how fast the service has been, I can't help but rave about Tradeport and I have been eyeing items to order already (yay for customer service). I like that payment is not just limited to credit cards unlike most online stores. You can choose to pay for the item you like in seven, yes seven, different methods. You can either pay using your Visa or Mastercard (that can be swiped on delivery = A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!), Cash On Delivery, BPI Special Installment Plan, bank deposits and transfer, secured online payments through Paypal and Weepay and of course Smart Money and soon they will offer payment via GCash too for Globe subscribers. I love how varied the choices are. If you are from Metro Manila, you will not pay for shipping fee. Unfortunately Tradeport only caters to Philippine customers at this point. If you want to read more and browse through the extensive list of products available, please visit their website.

I also won in the blog birthday giveaway of Sophie at Beautynomics. I won a set of brushes. I have already sent her my mailing address and I am eagerly anticipating to receive 'em. It is just timely as I have recently ordered some brush guards from a fellow blogger. And just recently, I was informed that I won Annalyn's Hair Removal Story Giveaway sponsored by Veet. And here's what I shared:

"Have you ever tried hair removal for 3 hours? Oh yes, I have done it. I had full body waxing done last year. Not that I am super hairy but I was just too vain that I had to have them all removed (except my long locks and eyebrows and lashes of course). Before my week-long Dos Palmas trip, I decided to have it all removed so I’ll be more confident to strut my stuff at the beach. What’s horrifying about it? Well, after the waxing session, I felt so itchy all over and then when I looked at the mirror I had red bumps all over (little ones though). I didn’t know what to do and I was too shy to go out to buy some meds. Good thing I was able to keep some anti-inflammatory gels in my medicine kit. Ahhhh, beauty indeed has a price. I slept it off after and when I woke, the red bumps all diappeared. Geez, and for a while I thought my summer has ended right before it started."

On the office front, it has been crazy with all the changes but I am just swimming with the flow and making sure my own group delivers. I know for the most part that I have been overstaffed but then again it is better since we are not missing any callback and we have been greatly improving the output of the team just not the output of each one because we had to share like less than a hundred callbacks for 14 outbound technicians. Everything will be moved to status quo by April so I am looking forward to getting close to 200 fresh cases again next month (I have braced myself and my team for another ride). Bring on the challenge.

This post is so random. Haha! I just had to share... Hope you had a good March and looking forward to April! Ciao bellas!

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