NOTD: I Nailed It!

7:20 PM

I was supposed to go to school (Ateneo GSB) today and enroll for my MBA but I called and I was informed that the schedule will be on April 5. I decided to stay home and call the spa for them to send someone to do my nails(yes, they provide that service here where I live at no extra cost from the rate they charge when you go personally). I am not playing prima donna, I just hated how the sun glared so much today. I didn't wanna gamble and end up having dark spots all over my face (yes, I recently had a power peel session for my face). I was informed that the nail technician will come to work at 8PM (I called around 2PM). That would be too long of a wait so I decided to remove the Rouge Liberty on my nails and try to paint it with Royal Spice this time. Here's how the polish looks like:

Lancome Le Vernis in Royal Spice

I used the pink polish remover (it's my HG) from The Face Shop while watching a TV Show. It was so easy to remove it and didn't make my nails pink from the red pigment. And oh, the Lancome polish didn't turn my nails into a yellow mess too. I applied a nail strengthener from TFS which acts as base coat before applying the Royal Spice.

My nails after erasing Rouge Liberty and applying the base coat

After applying one coat of Lancome Le Vernis Royal Spice

I then applied two coats of Lancome's Royal Spice and I liked how it turned out. I know it could have had a better result if it was a professional who painted it on my nails but I tried. I am no expert especially when I have to paint the nails in my right hand using my left hand. Thank you to the nail polish corrector pencil sent by Tamara, it was so easy removing the side smudges. Love it!

Excuse the shaky hands of my instant photographer

After applying two coats of Lancome Le Vernis Royal Spice

This color stands up to its name being royal with a kick in it thus Royal Spice. It looks so elegant and classy and I bet if you ever liked OPI Romeo and Joliet then you will like this too. It is good as it is even without a top coat.

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