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I am no Rapunzel. I am just a Plain Jane ready to take on the world if I have to and I want to. Trying to think about what to write brought back memories about every hair-story that happened in my life. My hair has never been my "best friend", heck I have even come to a conclusion that I have more bad hair days than good ones. But truth be told my hair has always been the completing factor that completes my fashion statement. In fact in occasions more than one, my hair stole the limelight from me. 

My hair has seen the long and short of it. Although I haven't pulled a "Britney" yet, I have had super short hair when I was in college and then I started growing it back when I moved to Makati and started going to work. I have tried different hairstyles too. Blunt cuts, soft cuts, curls, waves, stark straight, name it I have tried it all.

Soft, shiny and manageable–hair that begs to be touched! - This is by far everyone with hair dreams of. We’ve all seen the commercials: Women strut about in slow motion, swinging their perfect, full-bodied, shiny hair – hair that falls magically into place when the swinging stops. Is it possible to get such glorious tresses from a bottle, or is there more to the story? Well, I had my chance to try this product when I got a free trial kit from Sunsilk. I received the Damage Repair Kit by mail that contains the Sunsilk Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner with Olive Serum Nutri-Complex. Since the kit does not include the serum, I bought one separately.

I have always been one who is known to try new products when they are released for market consumption amongst my circle of friends. I think I am a test bunny in my past life as I am not scared to lather, pat, massage, and smooth new products all over my body. Needless to say, I get to be an impromptu endorser if I like a product and a staunch detractor if the product is not effective. Whether they take my words as gospel or not, I would not really know but yes more often than not, they take what I say seriously. 

I remember when I used to have a hairstylist go to my apartment everyday to fix my hair before I go to work. When I say fix that means she would either iron or curl my hair for me. I do not exactly remember what motivated me to do it but thinking about it makes me just think it was caused by plain and simple vanity. Then the interest waned (or maybe paying someone to style my hair everyday has created a substantial dent in my wallet already). It just stopped, just like that. I have outgrown the vanity and just didn't care how my hair would look and I have always ended up tying it up in a ponytail. It was the most effortless thing to do. Yes, it was effortless but every time I tie it up, I could hear hair strands break and fall. My hair became weak too because of the countless styling aids I used. I sent my hair to hair heaven and left me without a choice but to tie it in a bun to hide the dry, frizzy ends when I go out of the house. Ah, talking about how bad hair days ruin your get-up for the day. It came to a point where I got used to this scenario everyday. I used to sulk every time I get comments like how dry my hair looks and how bad I needed so and so treatments to rescue it back to life and give it some body and bounce. But I would always digress...

My hair grew longer month after month until I had the longest hair I have all my life already but then it didn't have the texture, look and feel that one can be proud of. I decided to switch shampoo and conditioner in the hopes of reviving my hair's appearance. I first tried the hair fall solution from Sunsilk Co-Creations (Soya Vitamin Complex co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco) in the attempt to prevent my hair from further thinning. I got the results I expected, the number of hair fall-outs decreased by the day. I was impressed. This is one product I am sticking to and would be raving about. Cheap, readily available in the supermarket and a trusted brand. I was hooked! I would alternate using it and Sunsilk Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner with Olive Serum Nutri-Complex (co-created with Thomas Taw). Both products worked well for me and I could not be any happier.

Now, I am enjoying my brand new hair...Take a look!

and then some more...

Each moment we live should be our happiest moment. - Each moment we live, we need to take charge and not just face life haphazardly. I took charge and brought back my hair to life. I rescued it from the pits and danger of being cut short again. My hair, whether straight or curled, after all, is my crowning glory and it completes my fashion statement every day. Sunsilk truly without a doubt helped me achieve expert-touched and salon quality hair. Thanks to the Hair Experts! I am an "everyday girl" (not close to being a catwalk model) but with a better, more beautiful hair than before.

Now, even if I style my hair anytime and every time, my fear is already out the window because I can style it all the time I want to complete each of my fashion statements. I know that the Sunsilk Co-Creations Line will be there to protect, rescue and save my hair. Now, all I need is to nourish myself from the inside to be a whole new me. Inner peace brings about inner beauty that transcends outwardly. So now, it doesn't matter much who designs my dress or where I bought it. Whether I am rocking simple pants and white shirt ensemble and my Hermes Constance belt, or working the Kate Torralba pink trench coat, or a Kamiseta frock, or just simply donning on a Divisoria or local mall find, I know and I am confident that I could give justice to the look with my hair as the completing factor. 

Whether I am at work or at play, Best-Ever Sunsilk Co-Creations make every day a good hair day!

Truly, it is the Best Ever. See for yourself! Grab a bottle you think best suits your hair needs. There is one for everybody! Choose from this wide-array of co-creations with the following hair experts:

Thomas Taw, Dry and Damage Expert from the UK
Dr. Francesa Fusco, Hair Fall Expert from the USA
Yuko Yamashita, Straight and Smooth Expert from Japan
Ouidad, Curls Expert from the USA
Teddy Charles, Shapes and Lengths Expert from France
Rita Hazan, Color Care Expert from the USA
Jamal Hammadi, Shine Expert from the USA

Let me leave you with this song lyrics from one of the songs that I can't shake off my head which is the second part of the song Empire State of Mind sang by Alicia Keys (minus Jay Z). This is one of the soundtrack of the movie Sex And The City 2 which is one of my favorite movies of all time (with all the fashion and quotes and inspirations it brings me). Of course, I tweaked the lyrics...

You can tell by looking at my hair that I am using...


Smooth and manageable locks is what I have
Soft and smooth to the touch
Now that I use Sunsilk!
My hair is strong and long too
Let's hear it for Sunsilk! Sunsilk! Sunsilk!

Grew up dreading the sight of my hair without styling
Hair fall inevitable, so weak and so brittle
If I don't do anything, I'd be growing old with thinning hair
So I found a hair fall solution, Sunsilk improved my mane.

Repeat Chorus

Even if it ain't all it seems, I got a pocketful of dreams
To complete my fashion statement is a part of it
So damage be repaired, say goodbye to dandruff scales
Now I have straight hair that sways or pretty curly locks any day.

Smooth and manageable locks is what I have
Soft and smooth to the touch
Now that I use Sunsilk!
My hair is strong and long too
Let's hear it for Sunsilk! Sunsilk! Sunsilk!

One hand in the air for best ever Sunsilk,
Street lights, colored hair all looking pretty
No shampoo in the world that can compare
Co-creations, everybody says yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hahaha! That is too silly but I sure do hope you enjoyed my post as much as I made you want to try Sunsilk the next time you hit the shower. Oh, you can join me in humming the song...and start a mini-concert under the shower!

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