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It's almost the end of May, almost halfway done with the year. When I was 18, I thought I'd be married two years ago. How wrong I was! Well, I am still single, still ever ready to mingle but then the spark and excitement of meeting someone new have waned already for the most part. I don't know, I may have just outgrown the heady effect of meeting someone and exchanging numbers and dating and all that. At this point, I feel like I have given the world the power to decide for me already. If someone comes my way well and good, if not then it's equally fine. Still, the pressure is here and it is weighing me down and seems harder than analyzing business insurance quotes especially when I see my mom borrow a kid for a day so they have a baby to play with and pamper at home. I always think, that could have been their own grandchild, my own baby.

These all haunt me down especially during wedding season. Wedding season is from June onwards. I have wedding invitations lined up starting this month until December (well I attended one last February too so it started early this year). Crazy no? Sometimes I would think twice of attending because I will just be wishful thinking in my seat. Apart from the emotional torture that weddings do to me, I also find it extra difficult to think about gifts to give. I usually just give money or kitchen stuff and some bedroom implements. For a friend who's going to be married in Illinois, do you think an Illinois business insurance would be a good idea for a gift? It is intangible but definitely a good way to secure their asset huh? Nevertheless, I haven't received any complaint yet for the gifts that I have given.

Apart from that, dresses to wear and shoes to use plague me too. Of course, it is a wedding and pictures will surely be taken so I have to come prepared. I have not made up my mind yet as to what dress I will be using for a certain wedding but I have found some really nice ones I could wear.

Here's some wedding guest style guideline you can follow:

1. Never wear white because it competes with the bride. Try bold and fun colors depending on the occasion such as the colors of the dresses above and also try to experiment with reds, mint greens, and lilacs. 

2. Don't wear black or sequined-encrusted dresses if the wedding is during the daytime. It's not a nightclub dancing party after all. 

3. Wear something feminine and always appropriate. Watch the length and the cut of the dress. You want to look put together not skanky. 

4. You can never go wrong with soft floral dresses in pastel colors during the daytime and opt for some dark colors during night time. 

5. Be confident and strut yourself with a smile. 

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