Future Tense

1:25 AM

Photo Credit: Sanitas Per Aquas

Joyce and Akio are opening up their spa this Saturday and of course I got invited. This will probably occupy my weekend but I am not complaining because I will get to try their products and services. I just love getting first dibs on everything. I am so happy for them as they will now see the fruit of their labor after countless days and nights of planning and constructing and endless government transactions as well as going through some business insurance quotes down to the selection of spa products and hiring the spa attendants. It was and still is overwhelming. So, kudos to Joyce and Akio for the opening of Samaya Spa in Cavite City. Cheers to the future success of this business endeavor. 

I was actually at some point invited by Joyce to partner with them but I declined it because I am pretty scared with how the economy is turning into as of date. I am not sure if there is a sound liability business insurance available in the country today. I think it was a little too soon for me. I could have done some readings but I was too busy that time. I did not hesitate to give them feedback and advises on possible suppliers though. I however was not able to provide them well enough business insurance information but I will do so in the next couple of days as I have finally have spare time since the term is over. I am not enrolling for the next term because I will be moving to a new role at work as well (or maybe I will still do).

Yes, you read it right. I am moving to a new account and a new business orientation so to speak. I am hoping that I did make the right decision and that I would not have any regrets whatsoever in the near future. In the meantime, I am dreaming of the spa session I will have next week. Bliss!

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