Haul: Forever 21

11:45 AM

I was there when the Forever 21 "mad dash" happened. Ah, mad dash because I haven't seen shoppers go crazy like what happened last Friday. When the mall opened, everyone came rushing as everyone tried to outrun each other to get inside the store. To quote Jigs (the #1 shopper), "This is purely madness. Now I believe women/ladies/girls are the ones making our economy afloat." If you have seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic then you know what he means. I forgot to bring my camera so unfortunately I could not show you how long the lines were and how the girls tried to outrun each other. Good thing I was early, way too early so I didn't have to run to get to the line. Jigs, Karen and I went to SM Megamall right after our shift and we were so early that the mall was still closed. We hang out at the parking lot until a kind soul told us there is an opened door at the 5th floor.

We were among the first 10 shoppers who were allowed to get in and for being early we were each given Php200.00 worth of coupons to use. Yay for free stuff! Karen and I coined a term too while we scour the racks, it's "shoppingasm". If you know what I mean. There were so many choices, too many nice things, we want it all. I was a little cautious too because I only allotted a certain amount to spend. We stayed in the shop from 10AM to almost 1PM. If only we didn't have shift Friday night we could have stayed longer. Haha!

Here's what I got for myself: 

Short Length Dress Ivory/Charcoal Php1278.50 (about $28.00)

Pink Sleeveless Knit Top Php1018.50 (about $22.00)
Dusty Blue Tunic Woven  Shirt Php918.50 (about $19.80)
Black Woven Shirt Php595.50 (about $12.85)

Black Knit Basic Legging Php235.50 (about $5.00)
Black Cinched Bodysuit Php409.50 (about $8.85) - the one I got did not have straps though

I really enjoyed shopping and I will definitely be back. I decided not to buy a lot for this visit because I wanted to reserve the rest for when I have had enough rest and time. I hope the long lines at the fitting rooms and cashiers will be addressed (though I expected it to be as crowded as it was). Apparently 34 fitting rooms and 17 cashiers are not enough. I think I spent more time in line than looking for items I want. Sigh! Then again, it was all worth it. The experience was unforgettable. 

Oh by the way, you can use your SM Advantage card when you shop to earn and redeem points. How cool is that? 

Welcome to Manila Forever 21!!! I will surely be back...

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