Pesky Pimple Bumps

4:55 PM

The title of this post says it all. I have pesky pimple bumps on my left cheek, not one but four bumps. I am irked because I haven't had any pimple for so long more than one. It's mainly hormonal I know but I think my situation was exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep and the environment altogether. I have tried so many products but it seems not to work or maybe on second thoughts I am overdoing everything. It may seem like I am exaggerating and yes I would have to agree mainly because I haven't had any pimple for sooooo long. 

This all started last month (do I have to blame it to late night football marathons?), when I pulled off all-nighters. I had one bump and when the pimple ripened (TMI), I pricked it. Big mistake! I have this annoying habit of touching my face and pricking pimples with my nails. I like the feeling of popping out zits (ewwwww!). I am trying to get over this bad habit and I hope I can come out victorious. To start, I cut my fingernails short so I temporarily bid goodbye to french manicures while I survive this ordeal.

As of the moment, I am using/testing out different products. I have in my arsenal the following: The Body Shop (Tea Tree and Vitamin C line), Mary Kay, Kiehl's, and Lancome. I am sure one of these products would work for me. If not, I would happily return to the arms of Cetaphil. And yes, I am trying to be more diligent with my skincare now. Yeah, I waited for this to happen before committing to care for my skin even more. Lesson learned indeed!

I do not feel the need of going to my dermatologist just yet as I know for sure that she will only dismiss this four little pesky bumps as hormonal and should not be a cause of worry. But if you are single and going out on a date in like a week or two like me, what would you do? I am worried...

Do you have an anti-acne regimen? Have you tried the aspirin face mask?  I am inclined to try it too.

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