15 Interesting Things About Myself

7:36 PM

1. I'd rather be referred to as street-smart than book-smart. I wanted to ace the game of life after getting off the hook of acing quizzes and exams among others. Life is harder to deal with and if I be successful and trump all deterrents then I'll be stoke like mad. ;-)

2. I have an insatiable interest to learn new things. I think I will forever be an energizer bunny and a curious little miss. I get bored easily so I want to be doing things, random things, a lot of things at once.

3. I used to suck my thumb when I was a kid and yeah until now if I get bored and insecure. Haha! Weird eh?

4. I prefer to be in an airplane than in a ship so taking vacation cruises will never be a priority for me. I am kinda paranoid about the possibility of a ship capsizing rather than a plane crash. This clearly explains that I am scared of the open water and vast expanse of the sea.

5. Speaking of fear of water, I will die in panic if you put me in the open water so when I go to beaches I never go beyond the depth over my head but I can manage to be in that water level if I am in a swimming pool.

6. I never loved my college course (Bachelor of Science in Accountancy) until now. -I hope my mom never reads my blog or else she will be heartbroken beyond compare.

7. I used to teach Sunday school in the church where I grew up in.

8. I was pretty good with extemporaneous speaking and the top of my speaking stints will be when I was still in high school. I won in all the contests I joined.

9. I have pretty neat handwriting. Someone told me it could pass as computer font. When I was in first grade, a classmate told my teacher I let my dad write everything in my notebook which was dismissed by my teacher as she knows I was the one who wrote everything you see in my notebook.

10. I cannot draw to save my life. Hahaha! Stick figures rule (at least for me).

11. I am addicted to sushi and I can have sushi for the rest of my life starting this very minute and I will not complain. Chocolates come in a close second.

12. I have an adventurous spirit. I will try anything and everything once except be in a roller coaster or any amusement park ride (except the carousel). I'd rather bungee jump for all its worth.

13. I love love love flowers. When I have my own house, I want to have a patch of land somewhere in my property so I could grow a flower garden.

14. I am dead-scared of rats. I find them the perfect epitome of anything dirty.

15. I am a quintessential hoarder and memento-keeper. I keep things because of odd reasons. I have a hard time throwing anything because I find value in everything I have. I know this habit is not healthy especially that I live in the city and I am trying my hardest to get over it. So, don't judge me. ;-)

There you go. I think those were interesting enough. What do you think?

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