The One That Got Away

11:41 PM

One of the greatest love I have ever shared with someone and one which I am most proud of and has the biggest impact on my whole perspective to relationships is the one I shared with Brandon. We could have been together for four years already yesterday and that means next month will be the fourth year since I last saw him and it's close to four years since he died.

If you wanted to know the ordeal I had to go through when he died, please visit the BLOG I created for him in my efforts to get in touch with his family. My sincerest thank you's go out to everyone who supported me and pushed me up during that difficult episode of my life.

Brandon, wherever you are I wanted you to know that my life is going in the right direction and that I never quit the one job I promised to keep as I promised you. I only have fond memories with you. We were friends longer than we were in a relationship but you have shown me so much love when you had your chance. From the time we became friends until the day we decided to take the plunge until the day we first met and to this day, you're still a positive motivating force in my life and will always be an inspiration. Watch over me as I make important decisions for my life, for my future. Every time I hear our song, I still get the goosebumps. Your memory will live on...

The relationship I had with Brandon is truly one for the books. Something I will always cherish in my heart and something that will make me cry and laugh and smile as I reminisce. Our past may have abruptly ended but I know his ultimate wish is for me to be happy. I am and will be...

Gone too soon...

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