Louis Claparols for Ensembles Holiday Collection

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Let's usher in designs of Louis Claparols as he partners with Ensembles. This will be the third installment for Ensembles Designer Collection. The first one was collaborated with James Reyes and followed by Debbie Co.

This September, Ensembles launched another amazing holiday collection: The Louis Claparols Holiday 2010 Collection consisting of art-deco dresses, tops, skirts, boleros and trench coats in vibrant and festive colors that screams fun and holiday.


Louis Claparols (pronounced as Louie) is one of the most celebrated fashion designers today. He’s the elected president of Young Designers Guild (YDG), he once co-owned a vintage store in Rockwell called Marni’s Room, and is now collaborating with Ensembles for a capsule Holiday collection.

He rose to fame with his collection of embellished jeans which further evolved to making sportswear-inspired clothing. But he always surprises everyone at every fashion show he’s part of and shows the audience something new.

“I grew up with a very chic mom. And I believe Fashion is in our blood”, Claparols recalled when asked how his interest in fashion design began. He has female cousins who were top models in the 80’s and a brother who’s a famous bag and accessory designer in New York.

Rich experience in retailing backed by strong fashion design skills and learning, has made Claparols a well-rounded designer. Another advantage that he has over other designers is being part of the Young Designers Guild (YDG). “Being part of YDG has opened a lot of doors for me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without being under the banner of the guild. And being the elected president of the guild, I guess, is my way of giving back to YDG.”

Visit Ensembles Stores to check out the designs. Here are some of the designs to excite you:


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