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It's almost December, almost Christmas once again. I have always associated December with long lines at the counters, sales and specials in every store, cold breeze, longer nights and shorter days, bows and boxes, pretty ribbons and colored papers, blinking lights all aglow, gift-giving, wishing and making someone's wish come true, and kissing under the mistletoe just to name a few. Oh, I purposely omitted Santa Claus. I learned that there's no sleigh and reindeers when I was 5. It was my mom and dad who filled my stockings. But who was I to complain. I couldn't care less, just as long as I had candies and some coins and some crisp bills in 'em then I am happy. I had simple wants. I didn't wish for a gaming console, I was never addicted to any game , heck, not even Pacman.

I have never really demanded for anything from my parents for Christmas. I only demand (well not really) on my birthday. I feel that I am entitled to some extra spoiling on my day. I never did ask for them to buy me some Prada coats or Fendi boots. I got my first Gucci bag when I was already 27 and I bought it with my own money. This December I plan to give myself another reward. I'll reveal it when I am successful.

Well, December is fast approaching. I haven't finished my holiday shopping list yet. Are you done with your list? Do you prefer to shop online or in a real mall? Tell me...

Let me leave you with my favorite Christmas song of all time...

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