When I'm Dead and Gone, Will You Still Visit My Blog?

5:40 PM

Seeing YOU just visited my blog minutes ago, made me cry... I don't know why. What I know now is that I don't think we both have been completely honest to each other. When I walked away from you, I didn't show how hurt I was and I didn't even tell you I love you because I was ashamed and embarrassed that you would not say it back. But now I realized that I should have said it, that I should have just let you know. All that you told me was that you feel I am starting to fall already but you were wrong, completely wrong. I wasn't just starting, I had fallen already. That made it hurt twice as much. That brave face you saw was reduced to tears when I got home. 

If I could only touch you right now, I would. If I could only kiss you right now, I would. I would hold your face just like when we first kissed. Telling you all these now may not change a thing but thank you for still remembering me on random times in your life. You're still a constant fixture in mine. 

To release genuine honesty from one's own mind and heart, from your very being and to share it with others, it's not only brave but also complex given that the repercussions can resonate infinitely.

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