Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beauty Junkee and Le Perfumerie Valentine Giveaway

I know, I know I am perfume crazy and I could never just get enough with a single bottle at once. I use perfume on me, my bed, my linens, my bags/purses and I want everything to smell nice. I get a good feeling when I pass by people and they comment about how good I smell and that type of thing. It might be anecdotal to say this but one of my direct reports once caught a whiff of my purse when I opened it and said I may be harboring a vanilla bean inside. LOL!

I've tried different scent for daytime and night time and for different activities altogether. I also sometimes match the color of my dress to my perfume. Weird eh? But yeah I do that. I could never be caught without a perfume in my purse no matter how little it is. I use different scents for different activities (office, gym, church, etc) or different affairs (parties, coffee time, teatime, etc). A friend of mine once asked if I am perfume connoisseur and I quipped a plain and simple no and commented that I doubt I could ever be one considering the horde of scents available in the market today.

I am currently using Bright Crystal by Versace. It has a sweet floral Scent with fruity, musky accents with scents of pomegranate, yuzu, frosted accord, peony, magnolia, lotus, plant amber, musk, and mahogany. I use it daily as it is not overpowering. It kind of lets you feel like you are walking in a garden of flowers all abloom. The smell is heavenly and the bottle sure is an eye candy.

Oh by the way, I make it a habit to keep my perfume refrigerated to keep it away from heat and to extend its shelf life (that is if I don't use it everyday).

If you want to win AN ISSEY MIYAKE L'EAU D'ISSEY PERFUME!, just do the following:






I took this picture while running around MOA this morning. It is very unassuming beauty in a place full of withered grass and leaves. I thought it's pretty.

Let her cry, for she's a lady
let her dream, for she's a child
let the rain fall down upon her
She's a free and gentle flower, growing wild...

WINNER: Belle de Jour Planner

It's been two hours and fourteen minutes since January 30 started and so I am beginning the day by randomly choosing the winner for my Belle de Jour Planner giveaway. At first I thought I'd use the random list generator electronically but I figured I need to be a little unique at some point so I chose to do the old-school way of picking the winner and utilized some of the obsolete calling cards I have. Geez, I found them under my bed. Well at least before I get rid of them, they were put to good use.

Here are some pictures and of course the last picture will reveal the winner. Congratulations and if you ever see your name, please email me immediately with your mailing address so I can drop it off at the courier as soon as possible. Thank you so much again to those who joined. Your encouragement has pushed me to train and get myself ready for the race next month. To all those who are joining, I hope to see you all at the race venue. Maybe we all can have breakfast after...

For leaving just one comment FOXYCHICMYNX is sure lucky. Please send me your address so I can ship your very own Belle de Jour 2010 Planner.

Again thank you so much for all those who joined and religiously left comments to encourage me. Watch out for my next giveaway. I will be giving away some Lancome make-up and some other stuff. Keep visiting my blog for more details.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Bucket is Starting to Get Empty

The year 2009 has been a quite a busy year for me and so much has happened that it feels like it's not so long ago. I was able to remove some more items in my bucket list and I am more than excited to share it to y'all.

10. Plan a surprise trip back home.
21. Learn to swim.
23. Go to the gym at least thrice a week.
31. Donate some of my magazines.
39. Watch at least one good movie every month.
60. Create a blog that will stay anonymous and that people won't know that I created it.
89. Have my picture taken with a local celeb.
160. Become more physically active.

More to come soon...

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Wearing A Coat Designed by Kate Torralba

I am one of the members of the team who won in the recently concluded Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape Challenge as you all may know right now because of the previous articles I have posted about it. Again, let me thank everyone who showed support and voted for us as soon as we qualified for the final round after meeting the weigh-off requirements. I lost a total of 4lbs during the 14-day challenge. At present, I have lost a total of 15lbs (I could have lost more if not for the holidays).

Here's a picture of me at the photoshoot. This is not the official picture yet. Belle just had fun taking pictures while I am being styled by Isha and taught how to pose to have the right angle for the camera. Hahaha! I never thought it could be that hard when you are all conscious. We already saw the final AVP for this shoot and the final pictures as well during the intimate dinner that Nestle and Geiser-Maclang threw for us at Lolo Dads 6750 (well that's another story which I plan to write about tomorrow).

I was so excited to wear the coat that I forgot it still has the price tag on. LOL! Or maybe I just subconsciously didn't remove it. Ha! This is the first Kate Torralba piece I own and my friends all liked it.

Wes Villarica was our photographer that day. He motivated all four of us to strike the most confident pose we could ever muster. Isha Andaya was our stylist. They both were a big help on our first foray at modelling. I had goosebumps typing that last sentence. LOL! It was challenging but ultimately rewarding so to speak.

And voila, here's my picture together with the designer herself, Miss Kate Torralba. She was very friendly and accommodating. We all had an enjoyable conversation over dinner. I was starstruck of course but still manage to join in on the variety of topics we talked about.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Traveling Solo

Lately the thought of traveling solo has been in my mind and I am raring to do it. I refer to traveling solo as going to a place where you don't know a single soul in your destination. Well, I have been through airports and airplanes alone when I go home and meet the family so it does not qualify in this criteria. Traveling solo, for me, would be liberating and would give you a different taste of freedom. Traveling solo will definitely widen my horizon and open new perspectives.

It is high time for me to try this because I think I need to be far from the comforts of the place where I am at right now. I need peace and quiet. I need some alone time to figure out my life and where I am headed. I need to regroup. I need to know what I keep on doing wrong and strive to make it all right. I need to find myself.

Sure I am brave enough to try this. I think the only thing that scares me would be the thought that I won't be alone in my hotel room, bogeymen and monsters might be there waiting to prey on me (I still believe they exist no matter how grown I've become). Seriously, going travelling on my own will let me literally leave everything behind – work, family and friends. This is what makes it scary and also what makes it so intensely liberating.

I have listed down travel tips for myself and I read them everyday hoping to ingrain it upon myself and make it second nature. I hope this helps other ladies and gents alike who are seriously contemplating on traveling solo in the near future.

1. Be familiar about the place you are going to. Buy a guidebook and read it in advance while you are waiting for the date you depart. I personally suggest to bring it with you and keep it in your bag and not proudly show it all off when you get to your destination. If you do, you'll surely dampen the spirits of your blending in with the locals. Remember: Criminals prey on people who are vulnerable and unfamiliar about the new place.

2. Make sure to book your flight and accommodation ahead of time for you to be able to take advantage of the best deals. Call your airline and hotel at least a day before to confirm everything. Request itineraries and have them send it to your email. Unless you go to some jungles, you will always have access to the internet wherever you go.

3. Pack light! This I am having a problem with. Try to pack way in advance and before you do check how many days you will be away and list down the necessary clothes and stuff you need to bring. Learn to mix and match clothes and bring only the footwear you will need. You don't need 10 shoes when you travel. Make sure to check the weather of the place you are going to so you don't bring clothes that you won't be needing.

4. Learn the language. Well, at least just the basics.

5. Do talk to strangers (but do this with utmost caution). You always have to trust your gut when doing anything when you travel alone.

6. Be click-happy. Don't forget to take your camera with you. It is an essential. You would want to remember memories of your travel. And sure if you bring your camera, you have to bring your charger.

7. Be liquid. Always make sure that you have the local currency in your wallet. If possible, have some amount ready before you leave the airport or better yet before your scheduled flight. Other than that, you may want to use your credit card for all the purchases you will make. Personally, I'd rather leave the plastic behind.

8. Do anything you want at your pace but make sure to do things right (just the legal ones). Read up extensively about the place you are visiting so you don't get in trouble with the local laws and regulations. You want your travel to be safe and enjoyable not locked in a cell. You may also want to keep a copy of the emergency numbers of the city you are in.

9. The OC in me will of course list down my itinerary. I can be spontaneous when I get to the place but at least when all things fail I have my list as my guide.

10. Bring a comfortable shoe you can walk in. There's nothing more frustrating than to stay in your hotel room to nurse some blisters.

I might have some more tips in the future and I might add a lot when I get back from my travel but please I just have to add this...if you are traveling to heal a broken heart avoid going to romantic destinations unless you are masochistic enough and you have the tendency to be a romance voyeur. At the end of the day, just be one with yourself and don't forget to have fun...Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence; you can rest when you want without thinking of your companion and pour it on when you're feeling ambitious. Another benefit is that your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs all the more exciting.

There’s a lot more I could write, but I’ve gone on long enough. What do you think? For people who have been solo travelling, do you agree or disagree with any of the above? If you can share more tips, go ahead leave a comment. :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Pick: Olivia Wilde's Gown

Okay, so a lot of beauty bloggers out there have posted there favorite gowns worn by the movie stars at the Golden Globes and I could not resist the urge to post the gown I thought was perfect for my eyes. I like how Olivia Wilde carried herself wearing the Gucci gunmetal plunging gown.

She chose this shiny gunmetal Gucci gown, finished with Tiffany jewels, a Judith Leiber clutch, and Jimmy Choo sandals.

Olivia's beautiful dress is going to be auctioned off by Artists for Peace and Justice to raise money for the Haiti recovery effort. TV Guide showed off some hologram technology that allowed stars to see a dress they wore to previous award shows. Olivia said she was relieved she wasn't wearing the Marchesa dress shown in the hologram during this year's rainy awards ceremony. Take a look:

PHOTO: Hollywood Foreign Press Association

I say the dress is stunning and when I get that body like hers, I would surely wear it. Ahhhh, I wish I have all the money I need to win that dress in the auction. In the meantime, I'll just be contented ogling the pictures. Shame!

Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Going On?

While trying to start my sabbatical today (well at least from overloading people with my status updates in Facebook and the other social networking sites I managed to be enlisted in), I found myself watching TV and I get so much inspiration on what to write and I have so much things I want to do in so little time. I am going on a sabbatical (slowly but surely) in an attempt to understand the meaning of things that is happening around me. I am a generally happy person but when things like what I am in now happens, it's like I've lost a limb. I often catch myself crying until I could no longer breathe...and that has been the scenario in my room for a little more than a month now.

I am in a very sad state lately, quite even in the dumps for some situation I could not explain myself. I am caught in a labyrinth. However, I don't think I have the right to question such fate because I am still more than lucky to be alive because I can still dust myself up and rise again. I know I will not be grief-stricken for years to come and I know in my heart that one day I would be able to find some answers to all the questions that I have right now.

Picking up the pieces is excruciating. Each little fragment of what used to be bears the indelible imprint of the memories, echoes of the voice and laughter, and shadows of the face and form of that one person I thought I am going to spend the rest of my life with. But I could not hold on any longer, I could not put my life on hold. It is just too much to bear at this point. He has been my priority but now I think I am just merely an option for him (I would be happy if I am not just an option). But in every sense of it, it's over. The silence is just eating me alive and I could not let it consume me. Yes, I took the blame for sometime. See, I over rationalize things but if no one pulls the plug who will? I could choose to be helpless in my pain, wallow in self-pity but I do not want to be in this sad sad reality. Did I give too much or too little? Actually, it doesn't matter anymore. I have learned my lessons and it is but high time to start healing and start a new chapter.

I am going back to school for the next term to finally finish my MBA. I have already told my parents about my plans. I have fixed my financial plans and goals as well. Travels (albeit alone) is in the books. I am going to make 2010 my year no matter how complicated it started.

I am just allowing myself to grieve now. I know I will heal. I maybe weak now, vulnerable even, but I will find my strength back again. I know this too shall pass...

I love you, goodbye!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lancôme’s Chris & Tell

This is a repost from Vain Glorious NY Times

With Vain Glorious, T Magazine’s beauty/style director, Sandra Ballentine, breaks down the latest spas, salons and products for your aesthetic pleasure.

It won’t be in stores until February, but Lancôme’s latest limited-edition lipstick (Pout-á-Porter, $29) is already a hit with the hip set. “Chris & Tell,” a juicy peach shade created in collaboration with the New York-based fashion designer Chris Benz, has been spotted on some pretty influential pouts, including those of Rachel Zoe, Eva Mendes and Anne Hathaway. Naturally, the shade is also a favorite of Benz’s friend and muse, the model Elettra Wiedemann, who appears with the designer on the lipstick’s packaging. Call Saks Fifth Avenue at (212) 940-2033 to add your name to the waiting list.

I'm sure everyone knows that I coined the name that Chris Benz and Lancome chose. I am so ecstatic up until now and I could not wait to receive 5 of these lipsticks. :-) I am loving the color and I could not wait to swatch it and show it all to you my dear readers. Who knows I might just give one of the five away, so you better watch out and keep visiting my blog when I announce that. Chris and Tell by the way came from a play on Kiss and Tell. I think it's a witty term and I am glad they liked it too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stiletto Heels: How High Is Too High For You?

I've long been a stiletto-wearing girl. I love it! Gives me the added height I so needed and of course it gives me a kick of confidence while I strut myself around the office or when I'm out and about. Almost all my stilettos are 3-inches up to 3.5-inches high. I, of course, always gets asked how on earth I could walk with them on for the entire shift without losing my balance (I could even run wearing 'em heels).

What’s your limit when it comes to high heels?

Monday, January 11, 2010

H is for Hermes!

I am never a "belt-person". I can go on with my day wearing my jeans and a shirt or a blouse and I'll be happy even if I forget to wear a belt. I find wearing a belt to cinch my waist very constricting. Well, to say the least, I wear a belt when I know that I am going to an all you can eat dinner. All my belts are just in their comfy place waiting to be worn gathering some dust. And oh I don't really buy expensive belts, I am happy with the ones I have. Most of the ones I have were bought from XOXO, Mossimo or yes SM Department Store.

Imagine the shock of my life when one day I'd be owning a designer belt, a Hermes belt. This reversible belt is sold online for US$980. It is quite a fortune. It is made of epsom/chamonix calfskin and the silver buckle is silver and palladium plated. And you guessed it right, the stingy in me will never ever buy something as expensive as that (at least while I am still a worker ant).

But you know blessings do come and I am certainly blessed. I am part of the team who joined and won in the recently concluded Nestle 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape Challenge and we won Manila's Most Coveted Designer Wardrobe handpicked by Manila's style mavens (Bianca Consunji, Rissa Mananquil, Jenni Epperson, Joyce Fernandez, Audrey Carpio, Donna Cuna Pita, Isabel Roces and Pauline Juan). I can only dream about owning any of the pieces in the wardrobe but our teamwork and determination made each of our dreams a reality.

And oh yes, H stands for HERMES I know but for me it stands for HEALTH and HAPPINESS. I am at the phase in my life right now where I'd rather choose to be healthy and happy. Or well, I could settle for HOT anytime of the day. LOL!

For losing 4 pounds during the challenge, I won the Hermes Belt and a Kate Torralba Trench Coat (sold at Php12,000). Ain't I super lucky?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Challenge Photoshoot

Finally, after more than a month of being declared as winners of the challenge, Team Earthlingorgeousness, posed and smiled and modeled the dresses we each won. Earth, Belle and Wena had their measurements taken and had another photo shoot last month going around the designer stores. I was not able to join them because I was away on vacation. I had my fitting just yesterday (good thing the measurements I sent to Kate Torralba were that accurate) and the Hermes belt hugs my upper hips just perfectly.

The shoot was done at the Parallax Studios in Makati and our make-up was done by Omar Ermita (Shu Uemura), hair was done by Ara Fernando and her assistant and the pictures were shot by Wes Villarica. Our stylist for the shoot, Isha Andaya, was uberfriendly and pretty too. The shoot lasted for a little more than 4 hours. It was tiring but we enjoyed it. And oh, I loved my make-up. I'm a Shu Uemura convert (I am crushing on the lipstick used on my lips BG945).

Here are some of the pics we took (these aren't the official ones yet). Watch out for the release of the chosen pics in the Nestle website and circulations and other publicity features.

While Wena and Earth were getting ready for their shoot, me and Belle were busy taking our pictures. Here's one in front of the mirror:

And here's another one of me...(the make-up artist calls me Baby Beyonce! LOL!)

It was fun. I would do it in a heart beat all over again. Only, I'd pose better.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Century Tuna Superbods Run Training

I am preparing for the Century Tuna Superbods Run by waking up early before the sun even rises to get the heart pumping, legs moving and sweat bods flowing. Waking up early in the morning makes me more committed to my training schedule because I have no excuse to not get my lazy ass up and run.

Of course, that's the actual running already. Before I even started the training, I made sure that I secured a green light from the family doctor. With all the holiday festivities, I had to make sure I am still in shape to start running the streets of Makati again. It's almost effortless to wake up at 430AM, change into my running clothes and shoes. It's a welcome treat for my legs that is so used to wearing stilettos at work. And I am thankful that Uncle Don's rest days at work are in sync with mine so I found a running buddy in him (although he always whoops my ass because I don't run as fast as him yet). This is one sure-fire way to help me stick to my mileage commitment. Aside from finally having a running buddy, I also journal my daily runs (miles, time, weather, running courses and moods). It surely keeps my goals A-L-I-V-E!

All the training I do would all be useless if I don't watch what I eat. Eating Century Tuna 30 minutes before the run makes me feel full and energized. This protein-packed meal is sometimes eaten with pineapple, with pasta or just enjoyed alone on it's own pure goodness.

P.S. Before all the training started, I made sure I treated my feet and legs to a good ole seaweed scrub. Ahhhh! The good life...

I have posted running tips for newbies that worked for me before and is still working for me now in my other blog. You can read about the article here.

I want to run the Century Tuna Superbods Run because I want to stay committed to the first resolution in my 2010 list: To join at least one race every month until I finally am able to finish my first marathon before I turn 28. You wanna join me?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear Weekend

Dear Weekend,

Finally, you are here. You have been inviting me for a walk and I am going out for a walk with you. You have enticed me to look forward to being with you again. I have been waiting for you too to be honest.

I have so much to do. I needed you to come so bad because I have so many things lined up in my to-do list but I don't feel like doing a single thing.

I just want to sleep in, dream, and wake up refreshed. I admit you made me sleepless Weekend. You have been luring me with the promise of good times and a chance to party til I drop. But you know I wouldn't be happy with that. You are giving me false positives.

I need to drop by the laundry shop and have them clean a week's worth of dirty clothes. I need to shop for food or else I will starve the next week. Remind me though that I need to buy just the healthy ones. Remind me too to not forget to take a little indulgence today. Get a massage! You have to live up to your name, you have to be restorative and relaxing.

I need to change my sheets as well. Put on some clean, crisp sheets and pillow cases. And please let the rain fall. I want to mask my sobs with the pouring rain. No, no don't worry. I am perfectly okay, I just need a release or my stress level will soar high I might just explode.

And don't forget to help me clean the carpet. I need your help. I need extra hands.

So, you asked me to make you some mango salsa, I will gladly do that for you. Weekend you know I can give you all my time. I am my own boss you know that.

I'd love to get a good read too. I need to finish the three books I started. I still have two unopened yet. So, I need to hurry and not procrastinate. You know me.

And let me finish the letter I am writing for someone too. Don't be jealous Weekend. I am writing you one now. I hope he receives it on time. Yeah, he's a he. I hope he smiles when he opens it and finds his name in the salutation.

I will not attend the food tasting anymore where I was invited. I don't want too much food in my tummy. So, I have more time devoted to you.

So, I only ask for rain okay? Don't give me thunderstorms and lightning. I am dead scared of them. I know you love me so much, you would grant my request so thank you Weekend. And please, stop the rain when I go run too.

Prove to me I'm right. Meet my expectations.

I'll walk with you later.


***NOTE: This is a repost from my a blog I used to maintain. I decided to post this because this is exactly what I am feeling now...