Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Plans For Me and My Blog

Just a little update as I am so stoked about the progress of the birthday celebration for me and my blog.

1. I have made up my mind that I will be gathering 28 kids from an orphanage and celebrate it with them. I'll of course have a children's party and I am thinking of giving them school stuff for their loot bag. If you ever want to donate, well and good it will not be refused. If you have any suggestion on how I could make the party more enjoyable please comment in this post. I don't think kids right now would enjoy the games I played when I was little. Haha! If you have any suggestions of an orphanage I could contact please let me know. I have tried calling Bahay Maria (a shelter for once homeless girls) but their number is not in service anymore.

2. I will have a contest/giveaway for my blog followers too. I still haven't decided on the final list of items yet but so far a Lancome Chris and Tell lipstick and several bottles of L.A. Colors nail polish and a few of my favorite things. This contest/giveaway will be open to all my followers wherever you may be as long as I can send a package to you. I will post a picture and the formal announcement of the giveaway this weekend or early next week.

3. I may hold a guessing game as well. This one is still up in the air though. :-) So get your thinking caps on... A book by Cecelia Ahern (new) and some other trinkets will be up for grabs. Oh and if anyone wants some Ann Rule books let me know as I am trying to free up some space in my mini library.

4. I initially planned a travel to Korea or Singapore but looks like this is not going to happen anymore. If it will, I will keep you all posted and of course share some travel pictures. After all, a girl can wish right? Who knows I would get lucky again? If only Santa gives out gifts midyear?

5. Lastly, my goal of running my first marathon before my birthday is already flushed down the drain. I do not have ample training plus the asthma attack has made it more impossible. Looks like this goal will be pushed back in the meantime.

And here's the official badge for the giveaway...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fitness Sunshine and Summertime (Kate Torralba's Tightly Knit Summer Collection)

I am officially back but still busier than ever...

This week has been too hectic for me and my calendar is so full of social gatherings (fashion shows, launches, awards nights, name it). But who am I to complain? I have been pulling all-nighters (well I do this always because I work nights) and then sleep has been elusive so I would be happy to catch even just a couple of hours sleep. I woke up earlier than usual yesterday so I can head to Greenbelt 5 for the launch of Kate Torralba's Tightly Knit Summer Collection in partnership with Nestle Fitnesse. I got the invite a couple of weeks ago and boy did I wait anxiously for this event?

After registering for the event and getting my press kit (which is by far hands down the prettiest press kit I have ever received), the show started. Kate Torralba (KT), a very talented fashion designer and musician who loves bold prints and patterns and everything and anything colorful and quirky, kicked off the event with a short and sweet welcome remarks.

Everyone stopped and waited in anticipation before the models started to walk the makeshift runway flaunting the sexy and colorful swimsuits, bikinis, jumpsuits, and skin-baring onesies in pastel colors, almost like rainbow Skittles (yeah colorful candies that is). Kate’s flashy sense of design was really very evident in every piece in the collection. They are easy to wear, there’s almost zero styling involved, and they make good conversation starters. Resort-ready!

Oh, the shoes by the way, are pretty too.

Inside the Kate Torralba store, I got a better look and feel at the fabric used for the collection. I initially thought the fabric is rough but I was wrong, the material was actually soft to the touch. Although I am still clueless what the material used was aside from the fact that well it was knitted. Kate gave away a gift certificate worth Php5000 to the person who could guess her waistline. I didn't win.

This is my favorite in the collection. 

Before I left, I had my picture taken with Kate. I am thrilled that she still remembers/recognizes me. Until then, I have to save more to afford her dresses. The asymmetric dress Kate Torralba wore is nice and I think it's the only one I can pull off. I wonder if it's even part of the collection (although the print and material is pretty much the same).

Kate Torralba’s Tightly Knit Collection is available exclusively at her Greenbelt 5 store.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Am Fine (Not!)

No, I don't have a life-threatening ailment. No, I didn't figure in an accident. I am still alive, all well and unscathed. It all happened too fast, too soon. At least though, the wound is not that deep yet. Resilience will spring me back to the swing of things in 3, 2, 1...

I am sorry if I haven't blogged for about a week here. I have created an anonymous blog/secret blog (whatever you call it) in another platform and so far it has been liberating to talk about the topics I choose there. It's a blog with a rather juicier line of topic. It's like a column written by Carrie Bradshaw (think Sex and the City) but at this point it is not as blunt yet. I am still trying to weigh things and I am for the most part still censoring myself. The reason for this post here is to share to you how disappointed I am with my self and for the choices I have made lately.

Yes, I am disappointed with my self but not to the point of regret and misery, just plain vanilla disappointed. It was so damn good while it lasted though and I am never taking back anything I have said or I have done. I would not however bore you with all the details. I am trying to veer away from that weakness of mine. But to share what happened in a high context: girl meets boy, boy was awesome (played his role all too well), girl was enamored (naive and vulnerable), boy and girl got together (ah how fetching were those times), girl discovered something and thought of a plan (smart, smooth, treacherous, cunning, covert), boy didn't trust his instincts and fell in the trap, boy and girl meet again, girl didn't require an explanation, squeezed the hell out of everything that her lachrymal glands could produce but is too amused to let it all out, end of story.

Was I affected? Yes! Was I hurt? Hell, yes! It was the grandest of schemes ever played on me but what happened in the end was also the bravest thing I have done so far. I don't blame him though, I was just too vulnerable and caved in. I don't blame him too for I knew right from the very start that he is young, carefree, guile. If there's a lesson I learned from this whole experience, it is that I should not be more trusting next time (or should I still?) like the way I don't trust my self in some tangible situation. It seems quixotic that someone or something that once made you feel so incredibly strong, happy and peaceful has left you feeling so incredibly weak, sad and confused.

So, I tell myself I am fine and hope that saying it enough will convince some part of my brain to not only believe it's true, but make it true. Anyway, I think I am fine now - or at least I am getting there one baby step at a time.

Before I end this let me just do a little roll call:

Jonah - you are such a friend! Thank you for pushing me to just get it over and done with. You know me very well and that if I wasn't with you last night I could have just walked away and wallowed in what ifs. Damn girl, that was too much of a good thing and I will be forever be indebted to you for making me do something that I don't have the balls to.

Joyce - you watched me cry a couple of days ago and told me everything will be fine. Those tears are a waste though (you know the kind you shed when you miss someone and you long to see 'em again). If only you know the whole score now, you'd probably think I am crazy in every sense of the word for wasting precious tears and we will probably be in tears now for laughing hard at my boo boo.

Uncle Don - yeah, I'll treat you to Shakeys. Let me know when...this is going to be a classic joke in the house and whenever we see Shakeys from now on.

Sgt. PM3 - you know karma is a bitch and karma walked in stilettos and wore a neat coat from a fashion designer last night (oh, was that me?). One piece of advice: when you lie, lie your hardest because you know what is worse than a liar? It's a bad liar. I am not saying you are a bad liar though, I meant maybe I was just too damn smart to figure things out and that odds were just pointing me straight to where you are. Imagine me being in the same place where you are on the very same day and minute and second. What are the odds? One in every six billion? Don't get me wrong, I still think you are fine, amazing, one-of-a-kind...only you came too fast, too soon. (And of course, your coy smile is still so endearing.)

Indeed, when life hands you lemons you need to make some lemonade. It is more fun that way!

PHOTO CREDITS: Lemon and Lemonade