Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Plans For Me and My Blog

Just a little update as I am so stoked about the progress of the birthday celebration for me and my blog.

1. I have made up my mind that I will be gathering 28 kids from an orphanage and celebrate it with them. I'll of course have a children's party and I am thinking of giving them school stuff for their loot bag. If you ever want to donate, well and good it will not be refused. If you have any suggestion on how I could make the party more enjoyable please comment in this post. I don't think kids right now would enjoy the games I played when I was little. Haha! If you have any suggestions of an orphanage I could contact please let me know. I have tried calling Bahay Maria (a shelter for once homeless girls) but their number is not in service anymore.

2. I will have a contest/giveaway for my blog followers too. I still haven't decided on the final list of items yet but so far a Lancome Chris and Tell lipstick and several bottles of L.A. Colors nail polish and a few of my favorite things. This contest/giveaway will be open to all my followers wherever you may be as long as I can send a package to you. I will post a picture and the formal announcement of the giveaway this weekend or early next week.

3. I may hold a guessing game as well. This one is still up in the air though. :-) So get your thinking caps on... A book by Cecelia Ahern (new) and some other trinkets will be up for grabs. Oh and if anyone wants some Ann Rule books let me know as I am trying to free up some space in my mini library.

4. I initially planned a travel to Korea or Singapore but looks like this is not going to happen anymore. If it will, I will keep you all posted and of course share some travel pictures. After all, a girl can wish right? Who knows I would get lucky again? If only Santa gives out gifts midyear?

5. Lastly, my goal of running my first marathon before my birthday is already flushed down the drain. I do not have ample training plus the asthma attack has made it more impossible. Looks like this goal will be pushed back in the meantime.

And here's the official badge for the giveaway...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Neutrogena Run 2010: Chase the Sun is bringing us another big event this May 15, 2010, The Neutrogena “Chase the Sun” Run 2010.

The Neutrogena Run 2010: Chase the Sun
May 15, 2010
Fort Bonifacio Global City
3K / 5K / 10K / 15k

Race Category Slots Registration Fee Assembly Time Gun Start
3K 1,000 Php400 5:35am 6:05am
5K 1,250 Php550 5:25am 5:55am
10K 1,000 Php600 5:15am 5:45am
15K 750 Php650 5:00am 5:30am

Singlets will only be available to the first 4,000 participants, sizes are first come first serve.


Regular Registration: April 19 to May 2, 2010
- Planet Sports – Trinoma
- New Balance – Glorietta, Shangri-la Mall
- Athlete’s Foot – Alabang Town Center
- Secondwind Store – 88 Maginhawa St. Teachers Vilage Diliman QC
- R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Late Registration: May 3-9, 2010
- R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who Am I Really?

I read something I wrote almost 2 years ago and I realized I haven't changed a bit for the most part. I am still my old self only I have been doing things I never thought I would back then. I have resolved to get back in shape again by maintaining an active lifestyle (only it has to take a back seat for awhile while I am being treated for mild asthma).

See, it is a little weird that I have asthma again after quitting smoking for so long. I still could not pinpoint the main reason why I have it back. Maybe it was caused by running and taking a shower soon after or maybe leaving sweat to dry on my back or maybe lounging in the cold gym lounge after doing cardio. My point is whatever is happening right now, I may have or may not have caused it directly, these will all not dampen my spirits. After three months, I will be in the swing of things again.

While everything is in a lull in my side of the fence, I am enjoying my MBA class. I wish I was this serious with school when I was in college. But yeah, no room for regrets now. I am happy to what I have become as a person and my career. I am seriously thinking about applying for a higher position but I just don't have the right amount of drive to right now. I am content of what I have and it is more than an accomplishment for me to promote people in my organization. I like to see them grow mature and responsible. I like mentoring them to think and act maturely based on calculated risks. 

At present, I am just so happy...very very happy! For whatever the reasons are, I would like to keep it to myself at the moment. I am just happily soaking myself in a bath of bliss.

Now, let me share to you the post I wrote that got me into thinking...

The easiest questions in the world are oftentimes the questions that make me cringe and think in the attempt to come up with sensible answers. I rarely cringe at difficult questions because by then I can always say that I still need to think of the answer. But when faced with a simple and easy question such as “Who Am I?” I feel like I am facing a big giant that would swallow me up if I don’t blurt out an answer right there and then.

So, who am I (really)?

I am a grown woman, shaped by my past and continuously challenged by my future. I have been into many a life’s drama and I resolve to (as much as possible) never be in one ever again. I live far from my parents and my sister. I moved out after I graduated in college. I braved the concrete jungle (stayed in Manila and Makati) and has transitioned so well I rarely miss home and the laidback lifestyle it has offered me. But I won’t lie, I miss my peaceful playground. I am so attached with people that matter so much to me. I always am the nurturing kind, always the one ready to understand. I am strong, I would like to believe I am. I have been exposed to different situations that tested my integrity and my own self-worth and realized that I am better than some of the tampon-buying population. I have learned so many life lessons that I strive to apply in my daily life moving forward. But still, I haven’t separated with my old self. I still am a crybaby. Anything can be a tearjerker for me (be it a little insect or something that only exist in a rocket scientists world). I do not settle for mediocrity and hate being second best sometimes, well maybe all the time.

I know and admit that I am both naughty and nice. But yeah, I am always often nice more than naughty. I always let my conscience and my reason rule over me. And when it comes to matters of the heart, my brain and my heart always works together. I am willing to take risks, to get in peoples' faces, to weather angry responses, to ask and risk rejection, to make bold claims, to take chances because I do not like to spend watching the sunset with what-ifs in my mind. Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission while I confidently trod in the direction of my dreams because in the long run, I only hit what I aim at. I do not give up easily so much so on the last yard line. If I lose, I embrace such with the same gusto. In matters of principles, I stand like a rock, I am not easily swayed more so influenced.

I hate drama and halfwits with equal passion. Though I might seem to be shielded, I am generally low maintenance except that I would not ride the jeepney alone and I would not be seen dead wearing the so-called granny undies. Give me a break… I’d do my laundry over wash the dishes. I like my sinigang super sour and my pasta sweet and spicy. I’d rather be single than be with a dodo. I hate being late much more being stood up. I love multitasking, keeping myself busy. I love shoes and moisturizers above all money could ever buy. Oh, not to forget my lip gloss. I am a girl’s girl and was never a tomboy. I can only count the number of syringes that invaded my veins. Only 5 bottles of dextrose have entered my system in my entire existence. Only flu can get me down. I collect TY Bears and loves being surrounded by pillows and more pillows (well at least for now – I have 10 in my bed). I cannot function well without taking a bath or a quick shower. If I die anytime, I want my casket painted pink, I want real flowers on my grave and not the plastic and paper ones.

I’m a scaredy cat though I love watching horror and thriller movies/shows. I can scare myself to no end just by imagining things. I love lazy afternoons and the birds chirping when I wake up. I can reach my neck with my tongue while still looking at my horizon. I am picture happy and loves taking pictures of anything and everything. I have a collection of local and foreign wedding magazines and yeah I have planned out my wedding already but I am still open to tweaks and revisions if need be. I plan how my day will go while still managing to inject spontaneity along the way. I happily embrace any change and I avoid conflicts. I don’t have any problems blurting out a hearty laugh at any given time. I love ballet and art films and a staunch believer of the Rights of a Child.

Oh yeah, I could only wish I invented Post-Its and Tongue Scrapers. 

I am a constant work in progress and I may change one day but I know I have built my character on a rather solid ground. For the most part, I will just take whatever life gives me like a box of chocolates.

Have you asked yourself who you are lately? 

Sans Make Up

I am sure you all have observed that I haven't been posting FOTDs lately. No, I have not grown tired of make-up completely nor do I already turned into an old maid altogether, I just don't feel like putting on make-up especially in our weather right now. It has been too hot (36-40 degrees) and melting make-up on my face is not so much a pleasant sight. Add to that the fact that I am liking how my skin has turned out (thanks to Lancome Genifique - I will forever rave about this product). I have less visible pores and I look fresh and clean even without tons of foundation and concealer plus my skin feels so light and soft to the touch. My regimen now is very simple, I just cleanse, tone and moisturize.

I will write a separate post about my skin care regimen in the next few days. Meanwhile let me leave you with a picture of the Louis Vuitton models without make-up (Fall/Winter 2010). Sometimes going bare is just the prettiest a girl could ever be.

Can you last a day without make-up?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Give It A Try

This one's for you...

All you gotta do is just walk away and pass me by
Don't acknowledge my smile when I try to say hello to you, yeah
And all you gotta do is not answer my calls when
I'm trying to get through
To keep me wondering why, when all I can do is sigh
I just wanna touch you

I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I

All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real
You're not here with me, still I can feel you near me
I caress you, let you taste us, just so blissful listen
I would give you anything baby, just make my dreams come true
Oh baby you give me butterflies

I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I
I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I

If you would take my hand, baby I would show you
Guide you to the light babe
If you would be my love, baby I will love you, love you
'Til the end of time

I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I
I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I
I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Won Some Summer Loot

I joined a summer-themed blog contest last month by answering this question:

"How can you make your summer vacation fashionable with at least two of the following sponsors ( Cocomo Clothing, House of Glitz Nail Studio, Orly and House of Bling by Matzang)?

I answered the question:

Summer will always be my most favorite season and I have vacations all lined up already. I am all ready to hit the white sandy beaches and frolic under the sun. Only, I need to make sure that I have fashionable items included in my luggage.

What better way to enjoy the summer sun? Of course, by wearing the most fashionable and "flaunt-that-sexy-body" styles of Cocomo swimwears from Cocomo Clothing. The designs are pretty impressive, quite at par with the ones paraded on the runway by Rosa Cha models. I personally love the Rockstar and Jamaica line. The cuts are perfect and would really accentuate the curves I've got. I'm sure I'll have fun swimming and wading in the water and parading my stuff on the shore too.

Since I am a nail polish addict, the loot from Orly would be a perfect way to prettify my tips and toes. It will be fun to get my hands on the Orly bloom collection. Those shades are fun and flirty and oh-so-summery! If sunblock is a necessity for my skin especially this summer season, Orly lacquers will be that for my nails. I can almost imagine myself playfully twirling the straw of the cocktail I am sipping on while getting my tan by the shore.

With Cocomo beach wear and pretty nails, I'll for sure have a fashionable summer that would be the envy of many.

Here comes the sun... (humming to a Beatles' song)

And I won the following:

2nd Prize 
1- Cocomo Clothing Sarong
1- Orly gift pack - Lustrous body lotion and Nail Lacquer
1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa
1- Butterfly jewelry holder from House of Bling
1- P100 load of your choice

I do not know yet what sarong I won but I hope it is either blue or red. But I am not complaining.

My summer hasn't started yet actually because like I said in one of my blog posts, my summer start in June. :-) So these prizes are just in time. I am such a lucky girl.

PHOTO CREDIT: Theme Today and Quick Blog Cast

Friday, April 23, 2010

For The Love Of Humanity

Dan got waxed in Circular Quay, Sydney.

To get involved in the latest Red Cross campaign, all you have to do is use their new Facebook app and encourage your friends to raise money by 'doing the deed'. Whether it's a body hair concern like in my case, or a dare to give up Facebook for a week, or run a marathon, it's all for the love of humanity, so give it a go - I did! - Dan The Adventurous

What would you do?

Philippine Airlines Midnight Special

Let Philippine Airlines surprise treats perk up your Saturday late night and Sunday early morning!

A package of new low fares and other surprising promos will be unveiled over the weekend by Philippine Airlines as part of its year-long 'Soaring to 70s' anniversary celebration.

Dubbed Midnight Special, the PAL promo is kept under wraps until the stroke of midnight of Saturday, April 24, at which time the new promos will be announced and made available exclusively at the PAL website –

Late-night/early-morning internet surfers can take advantage of PAL's assortment of promos only through the PAL website. The promos end at six the following morning, April 25, 2010.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sex and The City 2 Soundtrack

Well, I am still in torture but counting the days oh-so patiently.

Sex and the City has never sounded better.

If the trailers for the SATC sequel weren't enough to drive us bonkers with anticipation for the movie to open next month, wait till you hear the soundtrack.

I've got the exclusive details on the movie's soundtrack playlist.  It is full of music superstars and even a handful of original tunes. First up…

Alicia Keys performs a cover of Blondie's 1980s classic "Rapture". And it's not just any cover, it's a mash-up with the iconic Sex and the City theme song that's played during the movie's opening theme.

"Rapture" and the SATC theme go together like a frosty cosmo and a pair of Manolo Blahniks. It just feels and sounds so right.

Soundtrack label WaterTower Music honcho Jason Linn tells me über-producer Salaam Remi had Keys in mind when he created the mix. "We're so fortunate to have her," Linn said. "She's the perfect voice to introduce of Sex and the City 2."

Next up is the return of Jennifer Hudson. Nope, the Oscar winner is not reprising her role as Carrie Bradshaw's assistant, but she is back in song. She and Brit songbird Leona Lewis duet on an original ballad written for the movie called "Love Is Your Color."

Again, we've heard a snippet—it's friggin' good!

Even the stars of the movie are on the soundtrack with Sarah Jessica ParkerKim CattrallKristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon performing the Helen Reddy karaoke favorite, "I Am Woman." As you may have already heard, Liza Minnelli covers Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" as well as a new rendition of Cole Porter's "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye."

The soundtrack, which also has new music from Dido and Cee Lo, will be released on May 25, just two days before SATC hits theaters.

Source: E! Online

Monday, April 19, 2010

Beauty According to My Lens

Here are some shots I took while learning to use the function of my new baby Lexie. Lexie is a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 camera. It is a point and shoot 12.1 MP camera. It is really modest and I say it is really worth what I have paid for (maybe more).

The Panasonic Lumix FZ35 replaces the company's previous FZ28 model. The Panasonic FZ35 increases the sensor resolution slightly from ten to twelve megapixels, and Panasonic has retained the FZ28's Leica DC Vario-Elmarit-branded 18x optical zoom lens with its useful range from a 27mm wide-angle to a 486mm telephoto.

Took this at the Bonifacio High Street trellis.

I took this picture in our church (VCF Fort Bonifacio).

This sunflower is in one of the flower boxes at the Roxas Boulevard. 

As you can tell, I love using the macro function. Thank God for it! And oh the zoom function of this camera is awesome too. It is 18X! Here's an unedited shot for you to see. The first one will show the actual distance of the ship I took yesterday at the Manila Bay. It pretty much cannot be seen already. The next picture will show the zoom function taken at 15X. Amazing isn't it? Pretty powerful zoom lens.

What do you think? These are novice shots and any tips you can share will be very much appreciated. Here's Lexie:

Do you give names to your gadgets too?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aldo Nail Polishes

Another clothing and shoe store has jumped on the bandwagon of producing and selling nail polishes. What's with all the hype? Well, for some people like me, an outfit would never be complete without prettifying the nails. Check out this colorful array of polishes perfect for Spring and Summer. (Photo from Nitrolicious Blog)

The bottle is nothing cute and fancy. The print is even just simple Nail Lacquer and then the Aldo brand but the colors are just too yummy to pass up. And oh by the way the nail polish is made in the USA and the color pigments are perfectly calibrated in Germany and assembled in unbreakable bottles, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them and getting your floor messy.

And here's my favorite of them all, aptly called Trace of Lace. This would be a perfect base for a french manicure or just on its own.

And when I have this color painted on my nails, I'll sure wear this sexy shoes along with it. Perfect combination!

I am just hoping that the Aldo stores here in Manila gets to display stocks soon. Each bottle is currently sold at $5 in US stores.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sorry For Being MIA

Sorry if I haven't updated my blog for a week. I have been in and out of the hospital and I was not really in the mood to write a blog post or something. The most I can do was to update my Facebook account. I have been diagnosed with an infection but I am now recuperating. I might have developed asthma again but I am fervently hoping that I did not. I would still need to be back to my doctor for the lab test results. Your prayers will be very much appreciated. Other than that, everything is fine in my neck of the woods.

Hopefully, I will be back in the swing of things this week and should be able to fill you in with all the latest beauty and fashion stuff that I would come to know. I am just extremely sad that I will miss the Neutrogena Beauty Bloggers event tomorrow at Anvaya Cove in Bataan. But then again, other stuff will need to take the backseat as I try to be back in the pink of health again.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fitness Sunshine and Summertime (Kate Torralba's Tightly Knit Summer Collection)

I am officially back but still busier than ever...

This week has been too hectic for me and my calendar is so full of social gatherings (fashion shows, launches, awards nights, name it). But who am I to complain? I have been pulling all-nighters (well I do this always because I work nights) and then sleep has been elusive so I would be happy to catch even just a couple of hours sleep. I woke up earlier than usual yesterday so I can head to Greenbelt 5 for the launch of Kate Torralba's Tightly Knit Summer Collection in partnership with Nestle Fitnesse. I got the invite a couple of weeks ago and boy did I wait anxiously for this event?

After registering for the event and getting my press kit (which is by far hands down the prettiest press kit I have ever received), the show started. Kate Torralba (KT), a very talented fashion designer and musician who loves bold prints and patterns and everything and anything colorful and quirky, kicked off the event with a short and sweet welcome remarks.

Everyone stopped and waited in anticipation before the models started to walk the makeshift runway flaunting the sexy and colorful swimsuits, bikinis, jumpsuits, and skin-baring onesies in pastel colors, almost like rainbow Skittles (yeah colorful candies that is). Kate’s flashy sense of design was really very evident in every piece in the collection. They are easy to wear, there’s almost zero styling involved, and they make good conversation starters. Resort-ready!

Oh, the shoes by the way, are pretty too.

Inside the Kate Torralba store, I got a better look and feel at the fabric used for the collection. I initially thought the fabric is rough but I was wrong, the material was actually soft to the touch. Although I am still clueless what the material used was aside from the fact that well it was knitted. Kate gave away a gift certificate worth Php5000 to the person who could guess her waistline. I didn't win.

This is my favorite in the collection. 

Before I left, I had my picture taken with Kate. I am thrilled that she still remembers/recognizes me. Until then, I have to save more to afford her dresses. The asymmetric dress Kate Torralba wore is nice and I think it's the only one I can pull off. I wonder if it's even part of the collection (although the print and material is pretty much the same).

Kate Torralba’s Tightly Knit Collection is available exclusively at her Greenbelt 5 store.

Today Starts The Torture Until Sex and The City 2

I just got home from a run at the Bonifacio High Street and decided to rest the legs (elevate) and watch some videos on Youtube. What do you know I happen to see the second serving of the Sex and The City sequel. Ahhhhh, so today I am declaring the start of the seven-week torture until it opens in theaters.

Do you want a sneak peak? Here goes...

Two years into Carrie and Big's marriage, when the sequel kicks off, Carrie reveals that her relationship with Big has become routine and far from fabulous. According to Carrie (and the latest trailer), "Big and I are getting a little too Mr. and Mrs. Married. We have to work on the sparkle."

The next seven weeks are guaranteed to be torturous, but if you own the first film (I have it!), have all the TV seasons on DVD (sure I do have), and know how to make your own cosmo (I certainly do!), you can survive until May 27, when the soon-to-be blockbuster hits theaters worldwide.