Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 14: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 14- A picture of something you ate and 10 confessions.

Shrimp Pesto Pasta
I love pasta. I do, I really do. But I have to pinch myself sometimes to not stuff myself silly with it because it's super high in carbs and it's not good for someone who puts on weight like there's no tomorrow. I hope I can quell my love for pasta and I wish I can muster depriving myself of the good things the Italians has to offer. Even then, I'll just run 5 kilometer farther for every plate. How can you resist this plate? Tell me...

These are my confessions:

1. I have never been an amusement park or amusement ride fanatic. That one childhood incident after a ferris wheel ride did it for me. I will never dare to be in one ever again. I'm such a scaredy-cat. To those who are very adventurous however and aren't scared of heights or aren't repulsed by the thought of being propelled high up in the air here's the top 10 ferris wheels you can try (arranged in order of structure height): Singapore Flyer, Star of Nanchang (China), London Eye, Suzhou Ferris Wheel (Jiangsu, China), The Southern Star (Australia), Tianjin Eye (China), Changsha Ferris Wheel (Hunan, China), Zhengzhou Ferris Wheel (Henan, China), Sky Dream Fukuoka (Japan), and Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel (Honshu, Japan). Any observation? The Chinese people love them ferris wheels eh?

2. I've abandoned the childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. Although sometimes, the thought still knocks my system all the more when I lose something and I have to secure an affidavit of loss and I have to have it notarized. LOL!

3. I love flowers. I want to own a patch of land where I could grow shrubs and vines and bulbs and the like. I want to witness some magic when they bloom. Oh yeah, I have a green thumb.

4. I keep a bucket list. In fact, I have it published in this blog. Click to read PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3.

5. I have been wanting so bad to join The Amazing Race Asia. I know I have uncanny strategic skills and physical stamina (just don't make me swim in an open water).

6. Speaking of Amazing Race, at 28, I still don't have a driver's license. I never really had any interest to learn it. Maybe in time...

7. I keep an anonymous blog. I haven't updated it lately but will do so when I get an inspiration. It's a rather personal blog where my heart speaks more than my brain.

8. I am scared of guns. I don't think I will ever dream of owning one.. I'll leave that to the experts.

9. I may seem very high maintenance but really and truly I can be low maintenance. I grew up exposed to every facet of life and some moments I really enjoyed were the ones out of the ordinary. I loved the community immersions and the sleeping on a mountain slope episodes when I was still a Girl Scout.

10. I think I have wicked lil chef skills much like an Iron Chef. Give me ingredients and I'll whip you a meal. In line with this, I hope one day I could get formal education at the Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Arts School in France.

So yeah those are my 10 confessions for this challenge. Do you have anything to confess too?

How to Make Carrot Face Mask


Beauty treatments and skin care products, including face masks, are some of the most expensive products available at your local grocery store. The next time you want to indulge yourself in a little pampering, head to the produce aisle instead. This carrot face mask is perfect for oily skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

1. Peel the carrots and steam until soft. Mash the carrots into a creamy consistency or puree until juices start to form. Carrots help protect the skin from free radicals and promote the regeneration of healthy skin cells.

2. Mix in one tablespoon of all natural honey. For centuries, honey has been used as a natural remedy for many types of ailments. Honey is known to help reduce inflammation and swelling and even kills germs.

3. Stir in one tablespoon of olive oil. Olive oil is the perfect skin care product since it helps nourish and clean the skin at the same time, leaving your skin supple and glowing.

4. Squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice into the face mask mixture. Lemon is a natural astringent and will help clean greasy skin. The amount of lemon you should add depends on your skin. If your skin tends to dry easily, add only 8 to 10 drops; if you skin tends to be oily, add up to one tablespoon of lemon juice.

5. Mix in enough mineral water to give the face mask a creamy consistency. The more lemon juice you added, the less water is needed for this step. Don't add too much, or your face mask will be runny. If you feel that the mixture does not need extra liquid, it is not necessary to include the water.

6. Gently wash your face and neck with warm water and pat dry. Apply the mask evenly to your face and allow it to set for 15 minutes. Rinse your face and neck again with warm water and pat dry.

This concoction worked for me. And oh the smell is yummy too. Let me know if it works for you...

PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rose Byrne - Emmys 2010 Red Carpet

After ogling different gowns at the Emmy's Primetime Awards 2010 arrivals and coming up with a conclusion that the best gowns have probably been hoarded for the Oscar's, I chanced upon what Rose Byrne wore. It's simple and not busy to the eyes and so I loved it.

Rose Byrne channels her inner Greek goddess in Gucci as she hits the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards, held at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday evening (August 29) in Los Angeles. The 31-year-old Damages actress was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama. The award went to The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi. Rose accessorized with Gucci shoes, Bochic jewelry and a Bulgari bag.

What do you think? Who do you think wore the best gown?

Day 13: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 13- Write a letter telling someone something you could never tell them.

Hmmm, this is quite difficult. I don't know if I can write someone something I could never tell them. I guess I just have to suck it up and write away then...

Dear Someone (You Know Who You Are),

I have been forced by this crazy blog challenge to write you something that I could never tell you in person. Yes, I planned to talk to you about this but I was successful in holding myself back. I chose to not tell you because I see no point in telling you. I chose to not tell you much less ask you about it because this time I seriously am doubting my intuition. I chose to not tell you simply because I don't want any drama to ensue. Then again, I guess I have to tell you now. I found a picture of you and a girl on Twitter. Is she your girl? She looks Asian to me and she looked so happy with her arms around your waist. Are you still together? Why didn't you tell me about her? We are friends remember? Do friends keep secrets from friends? Well, bottomline is I didn't ask you because I don't want to hear a lie.

I don't think I could ever ask you the questions I just typed here in person. If you think this is you I am writing, you have the option to tell me who she is or not. I won't think less of you. Nothing will change, you're still you to me...


I Found My Soulmate...

Today, I am declaring to the world that I have found my soulmate...in Orly Soulmate. :-)

Orly Soul Mate is an deep fuschia shade with a dense, rich creme finish. Orly nail colour delivers unrivaled performance and superior chip resistance for up two weeks of dazzling colour.

I applied three coats of the polish to my nails on top of the base coat Orly Top 2 Bottom. Two coats already gave an opaque creamy finish but I chose to add another coat to intensify the color and give it some more depth. What I like best about Orly is that it assures nail colour is long lasting, durable and doesn't stain the nail plate. The high pigment ratio in Orly's nail polish easily brushes onto the nail and gives complete and thorough coverage with no unsightly streaks. The result: I love it! I could not stop smiling. It's love at first swipe so they say.

To add a little glossier finish, I used Seche Vite (The World's Finest Top Coat). Its patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish, guaranteed not to yellow and leaves nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling. And did I say, it made wait time for drying super fast? In less than five minutes, I can already touch my nails.

Orly Soulmate has definitely trumped my love affair for OPI An Affair in Red Square. Now I am eagerly anticipating for the arrival of my Zoya Orders (all in the red/burgundy family) and the newest red from Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Fatal. In the meantime, I need some alone time with my soulmate...

Gowns at the Emmy's 2010

I had a very long sleep last night. But it was not the kind that's continuous. I kept on waking up every two hours. I kept on checking what time is it already. I don't know maybe this is what happens when your body clock is completely skewed. I can remember waking up at 1AM, then 3AM, then 5AM and then 7AM. It was then that I decided to get up and splatter some carrot puree all over my face and munch on an apple to start my day. And while waiting for the carrot puree to dry up and load my face with Vitamin C, let me share to you some gowns worn at the Emmy Awards this year. I didn't like a lot but these ones stood up from the rest of the crowd:

Glee’s Jayma Mays hits the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards, held at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (August 29) in Los Angeles. The 31-year-old actress looked stunning as she wore a dark sapphire blue chiffon ruched ribbon gown by Burberry and Jimmy Choo “Zena” platform shoes to the event.

The 38-year-old actress, Sofia Vergara,  is one of the many presenters at the 2010 Emmy Awards

Katrina Bowden was also present to support her show 30 Rock. 

Who wouldn't recognize Brooke Burke. I like her gown although it is not something you haven't seen yet. It still looked good and classy on her. I think it's her necklace that caught my eye though. 

Heather Morris - shining, shimmering, splendid! 

Kim Kardashian channeling Greece. :-) 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 12: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 12- A picture of your room & don’t cheat by cleaning it. Share a secret.

Okay, since I am not ready to show the world the hot mess, that is my room, I will just share a secret. I haven't told anyone yet but since last week I have been using White Glo Crave Away Toothpaste. This toothpaste is from Australia, which claims to suppress one’s appetite. It doesn’t really get rid of one’s love or addiction towards food, but it does help one veer away from unwanted food cravings.

I did not like the taste at first but I have gotten used to it. Let's see if this works for me. It's almost $10 at SM MOA Watsons.

I Am Cold!

I can never tolerate a cold environment. I easily shiver and I bet if I live in a cold place, you'd never see me up and about often. I would probably just be stuck in one corner, comfortably lounging in the thickest comforter there is, wearing layers and layers of clothes or you would probably see me beside the fireplace sipping hot coffee or tea or peacefully snuggling with someone. Ah, I am like that.

The -ber months is fast approaching and I am gearing up already. Not that it gets cold here in the Philippines. But yes, it gets a little colder than usual (still hot compared to other countries). Is it too early for me to gear up? Haha! Still, I think there's nothing wrong to stock up on the pretty sweaters available now. That or I need some human blanket. Then again, choosing the sweaters in racks is easier than finding someone who would be willing to keep me warm all night. :-)

Here are some nice sweaters I found: (These are all from Forever 21.)

This soft as cashmere cardigan features dyed-to-match raw edge chiffon rosettes clustered on the shoulder. Slouchy front waist pockets. Banded cuffs and hemline. Long sleeves. Y-neckline. Button placket. Lightweight. Knit.

Ruched sleeves add a sweet silhouette to this sweater cardigan featuring a button placket, wide ribbed sleeves and hem, and a scoopneck design. Fitted. Basic solid construction.

This ribbed longline sweater cardigan features a ruffled neckline. Self-tie waist. Long sleeves. Lightweight.

Knit bow designs craft this sweater cardigan featuring a ribbed trim and two pocket front. Six button placket. Solid back.

This French Terry jacket will keep you warm and stylish when the temp starts to drop. Features a hood, standup collar, and belted waist. Peplum. Long sleeves. Hidden side seam pockets. Snap placket. Medium weight. Knit.

Are you ready for September, October, November and December? I am.

PHOTO CREDITS: Forever 21 Website

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 11: 30 Day Blog Challenge

PHOTO CREDIT: Blog Critics
Day 11- A picture of something you dislike.

Something I really don't like is POLITICS whether it be for real, in the office, at school, in cliques and the like. I don't like how politics can possibly eat up a just individual and become morally and spiritually wrong in some sense. I don't like how politics can consume people. Maybe I am just born in a country with too much politics that's why I am fed up with it already and I am crying out foul.

For the record, I am a taxpayer and have been regularly paying my dues to the government since I started earning my keep. I follow the laws of the land but yeah I don't exercise my right to suffrage, I don't vote in local and national election. I guess I have no faith anymore in how the government is being run. I dislike crooked politicians and those whose primary goal is to amass money and to recoup the expenses they made during the campaign period. In it's entirety, I dislike politics and it's bordering hate and nonchalance.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 10: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 10- A story about a past relationship.

One of the greatest love I have ever shared with someone and one which I am most proud of and has the biggest impact on my whole perspective to relationships is the one I shared with Brandon. We could have been together for four years already yesterday and that means next month will be the fourth year since I last saw him and it's close to four years since he died.

If you wanted to know the ordeal I had to go through when he died, please visit the BLOG I created for him in my efforts to get in touch with his family. My sincerest thank you's go out to everyone who supported me and pushed me up during that difficult episode of my life.

Brandon, wherever you are I wanted you to know that my life is going in the right direction and that I never quit the one job I promised to keep as I promised you. I only have fond memories with you. We were friends longer than we were in a relationship but you have shown me so much love when you had your chance. From the time we became friends until the day we decided to take the plunge until the day we first met and to this day, you're still a positive motivating force in my life and will always be an inspiration. Watch over me as I make important decisions for my life, for my future. Every time I hear our song, I still get the goosebumps. Your memory will live on...

The relationship I had with Brandon is truly one for the books. Something I will always cherish in my heart and something that will make me cry and laugh and smile as I reminisce. Our past may have abruptly ended but I know his ultimate wish is for me to be happy. I am and will be...

Gone too soon...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 9: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 09- Something/someone you’re proud of.

I am proud of my mom and dad, their relationship for the most part. I hope my marriage would be as strong as what they have when I finally have one. They are together for almost 30 years already and they are still going strong. They have been together since they were in college. They spent time away from each other for a brief amount of time until they decided to get married on April 1981.

Of course, there are usual setbacks and trials but they both managed to pull through all that. My mom is the most frugal and the most practical person in the world and my dad unfailingly provided for his family. Insider secret: All my dad's monthly pay by working for the government's agriculture department (livestock inspection) goes directly to my mom and my dad earns the cash on his wallet by being the "famous" veterinarian that he is in our province. My mom is a teacher and has earned her Masters and Doctorate Degree already. My dad is a deacon in our church too. Yes, they still hold hands. They still go out on dates every week. Someone gets sick when the other is away. And oh I have only heard them call each other with endearing terms and never names (the negative kind).

I am such a proud daughter.

Who are you proud of?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 8: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why.

I have so many short term goals this month. Some I have already achieved and some I chose to forget about and some still waiting for me to action on. However, I don't think it would be timely to share them as only six more days to go and we finally bid goodbye to August. So for this blog challenge topic, I opted to share my September short term goals. Ready?

1. One of the items in my bucket list: Stay in the spa for 12 hours and just be pampered silly. I need this! I really really do. If only this would melt all the stress away. It will be a relaxing day for me and at the same laborious 12 hourse for the spa attendant.

2. Join an online contest. I am never tired of joining contests. It forces me to write, it forces me to be creative, it forces me to tap into my stagnant mind (as if). So for next month, I need to write about how a certain ice cream brand makes me happy. Yeah, contests never tires me, winning just a tad bit more.

3. Shop frugally. Shop for only my needs and not my wants. Well, okay maybe I'll give myself one cheat day to shop. :-)

4. Say no when I really mean no. I hope I can stick to this. I guess I am fed up now in saying yes all the time. After all, I am not going to be the "Yes Woman" for 2010.

5. Buy the dress and shoes that I will wear for Jade and Marlon's wedding. Hmmm, this may be the only shopping for next month as this will set me back for a few good thousands. The dress I was eyeing is almost $100. I may need to scout for some other options. Then again, it is so pretty and nice and girly and it's red. And oh the shoes... I haven't decided yet if I will buy the Nine West pair I recently saw.

I think that's about it. No "major major" plans...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SOLO Larry Alcala Memorabilia Collection & Model Search

I first read of Larry Alcala's work on Pambata Magazine. It is always at the back portion of the magazine and is what I always read first because of the illustration and "salawikain". Before Larry Alcala died in 2002, he has made over 500 characters, 20 comic strips, 6 movies, 2 murals, and 15,000 published pages during 50 years of cartooning. He drew the popular 'Slice of Life' cartoons in Sunday Times Magazine, the much sought after trio of 'Bim, Bam, Bung' in Funny Komiks and 'Lolo Brigido' in Pambata Magazine. His long running humor cartoon 'Kalabog en Bosyo' can still be read in the Manila Times. Famous for his humorous and satirical cartoons, Alcala participated in numerous exhibitions and won numerous prizes.

"Slice of Life" is probably one of Larry Alcala’s most popular cartoons. Inspired by director Alfred Hitchcock who often did cameo appearances in most of his films, Alcala humorously portrayed himself in “Slice of Life,” cleverly concealing his caricature face within the cartoon. Every weekend, at Weekend Magazine (started in April 1980), readers never missed, tried to search his face, in crowded places, among the bushes, in pavements, in garbages, debris, etc.

PHOTO CREDIT: Larry Alcala Website
The Larry Alcala Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection is like the National Artist Collection for Freeway. This is another amazing tribute to another Filipino Artist. For the first time, Solo, a brand who has built a strong following by offering hip vintage merchandise, is now bringing in Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia collection featuring Larry Alcala. This prolific cartoonist’s Slice of Life playful characters will be immortalized in a limited special edition consisting of graphic tees, polo shirts, woven tops and dresses and men’s long sleeves and accessories such as tote bag, clutch, notebook and mugs! This pop collection will surely get us all hooked!

Unisex Watch, Php595
Ladies' Slub Dress, Php1595
Ladies' Sleeveless Long Blouse, Php1595

Collection Tote Bag, Php595
His and Hers Anti-Smoking Movement Tee, Php795
Ladies' Boyfriend Shirt, Php1795
Ladies' Zippered Shirt Dress, Php1795
Choosing what I like best amongst the designs in the collection is a hard task. I picked this design (although I want them all). Haha! I could wear this at work too. :-)

Ladies' Button Down Shirt Dress, Php1795
If you think you have what it takes to strut a Larry Alcala collection dress, shirt, illustrated leggings even accessories the way these models do then you should join Solo’s Online Model Search contest and be the next face of Solo! All you have to do is register here and upload a photo of you and win cash and fabulous prices plus a modeling contract! And of course, star in the next shoot. Contest starts August 22 until November 15.

If the modelling vein is not in you and you just like to win your most favorite piece in Solo’s Pinoy Cartoonist featuring Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life Collection, then make sure to follow my blog and leave a comment with your name and email address. Be sure to like Solo's Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter too. One lucky follower of my blog will get the chance to win one piece of the cool collection. Check out this link for products made especially for the male population and this link for the female fashionistas.

Find them at Solo stores nationwide. For locations or to view the entire collection, check this link or follow Solo on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a slice of the good life! :-)

PHOTO CREDITS: Solo Website and Larry Alcala Website

Is It Hard To Be Happy For Someone Else?

"Sometimes, there's nothing harder than being happy for someone else."

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) uttered those words of truth (at least for me) in one of my favorite episodes of Sex and The City, "The Baby Shower." As a woman in my mid-20s (okay late 20s), I am slowly gaining more events on my yearly calendar dedicated to the pairing-up and popping-out of friends and family. Especially in the months between June and December. We, young, single women seem to get inundated with hand-engraved invitations or save-the-date cards requesting our presence at the event which is centered around a goal we have not yet attained: a lifelong commitment to a good man, a sparkly ring, champagne flutes with strawberries afloat, and maybe even a starter home or one of my goals since I started plotting one out, own a house encased by a white picket fence.

And all the while, we sit, kneel, stand, pray, bow our heads, smile, bring extravagant gifts, get dressed to the nines, and profusely congratulate the happy couple and their parents. We couldn't be happier for them.

But there is something about attending pre-wedding events that makes me ask myself a few questions. Although I can bet my future-engagement ring, I have well prepared myself to the answers of the following questions. Will others be so kind to me when my time comes? Is the gift lacking in thought because it came from the registry? Will I become a tyrannical bride, enforcing the dreaded French mani/pedi and throwing pastel taffeta on "my girls?" Will I be a bridezilla?

There's nothing like a peer getting married to force you to reassess your life. For those of us who aren't yet walking down the aisle, and are in no hurry, there's nothing like a bridal shower and bachelorette party to make you at once both happy and frustrated about being single.

But one's things for sure, this blog will not let me throw a pity party for me, myself and I but would rather be happy for my friends who are tying the knot this year.

To Jade and Marlon: Have a blessed union. Jade, I will be stingy in writing anything here so when I finally propose a toast for you two, it'll surprise you to say the least.

Jade and Marlon's wedding will be on October 2010.
To Darice and Jepoy: Stay happy and in-love with each other as always. Your love story is inspiring.

Darice and Jepoy's wedding will be on November 2010.
After all, it's not that hard to be happy for someone else especially friends you have grown up with and have been so much a part of your life. I think it's much harder to find the dress to wear to the wedding... ;-)

NOTE: Thanks to Hayley O. for the inspiration for me to post this article.