Spring/Summer 2011 Lip Makeup Trends

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A lipstick is the one makeup product that can always be found in a woman's handbag. It is irreplaceable and it has the amazing effect of adding color and life to your aspect and giving a healthy-looking face. The only thing to consider is the color as this one should flatter your skin complexion. Take a look to the hottest spring/summer 2011 lip makeup trends and choose one that suits you the most.

The famous lipstick is a must-have item for every woman. It sometimes acts magically changing completely the overall look. When finding the right lip color you have to pay a lot of attention as an unflattering shade can turn everything into a disaster. Your skin complexion and the size of your lips are two main elements for you to take into consideration when purchasing a lipstick. Then, of course, there are the main makeup trends that seem to change every season.

As for the hottest spring/summer 2011 lip makeup trends, colors vary a lot from nude and soft peachy to extremely bold and vibrant shades of red, orange and pink. All lipsticks come in a myriad of different shades suitable for every skin complexion and taste. Everything stands in what color you choose. Even though for winter we usually want to add a lip balm or a glittery lip gloss, the new trends propose daring lip makeup worn with confidence.

“Nude” seems to be the key element when it comes to spring/summer 2011 makeup trends. This is one delicate choice that is applied not only for the skin and eyes, but for your lips too. Whether you choose a soft pink or beige, nude means totally natural lips. You can wear a complete nude makeup or, on the contrary, go for a more intense and dramatic eye makeup and nude lips. When applying a nude lip makeup using a peachy or beige color, remember that your lips should be moisturized in order to look healthy. For this you need to exfoliate them and apply some lip balm.

Lighter colors work amazing on thinner lips as they make them look plumper, while darker colors flatter thicker lips, but only if the shade you choose matches your skin complexion. If you choose a natural makeup using light, soft colors you will look younger as this type of shades bring out the warmer tones of the skin. Moreover, they are an amazing choice when wanting to add freshness and health to your overall appearance.

Fuchsia, orange and pink are some of the hottest colors when it comes to lip makeup trends for spring/summer 2011. This is that type of makeup trend that should be worn with extreme self-confidence by women and girls who feel beautiful and powerful. These bold colors are the perfect manifest of sophistication and elegance. Choose vibrant colors for your lips and wear them on a flawless skin makeup.

Wear a fuchsia or orange lipstick with a light eye makeup using just a soft eyeshadow and mascara for a matte, fresh look. If you want to create the illusion of plumper lips, apply some gloss in the center of the lower lip. For a strong touch, use a matte color for the eyes too, such as blue or white.

If you want to create the illusion of fuller lips you can also make a contour using a pencil and following the natural line of your lips. Keep the contour harmonious and don't exaggerate. If what you desire is to accentuate the look, apply a lipstick coat using a brush, then a gentle touch of powder, and another coat of lipstick.

Red lips already became a timeless style and they seem to come back for spring/summer 2011 among the hottest trends. You can wear a red lipstick both for the evening, but also for a daytime look. However, when wanting to wear bold, red lipstick you shouldn't overuse the other makeup products as your lips need to stand out. Foundation, mascara and some blush are enough. Still, if you want something more dramatic, a black eyeliner is the key.

Avoid red lipstick if you have acne prone skin as you'll only emphasize the problem. Always choose the right red lipstick shade based on your skin complexion. You can also try a different approach such as spotted at Viktor & Rolf with a thick winged line of white across the lids, no mascara, soft pink blush and red lipstick. Every woman looks stunning and sexy with red lipstick as long as she knows what shade is the most flattering for her.


Well, I wore red when we attended the New Year's Eve countdown and I think I rocked it (I'd like to believe so). I always am fearful of red but I braved it. It is arguably the least used lipstick in my make-up stash. Here, I used Nyx Round Lipstick in Snow White (no lipliner, no gloss). I loved it!


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