These Boots Are Made For Walking (Whooga Ugg Boots)

2:49 PM

I was reviewing my blog traffic the other day and realized that more than 50% of my readers are from the US and UK and so knowing that more than 50% of my readers are in a much colder place than where I am at right now, I am sharing a wonderful information to all of you. I am sure that you have heard about these pair that you slip on your footsies to make 'em feel comfortable and warm. Whooga is widely recognised as the world’s fastest growing boutique brand of ugg boots.

Whooga boots are made with the single purpose of being the warmest most luxurious sheepskin boots available, boutique luxury fashion without the boutique price tag. Whooga boots are constructed with 100% merino fleece and in every way meet the requirements and definition of an authentic ugg boot.

Sign up for the VIP newsletter HERE and  HERE for a chance to win a pair. For my loyal readers, you can use this CODE: 1292KESSA valid for one week from today to get an instant 10% discount. Oh yeah! Go get those footsies warmed inside these pair of boots. Winners are drawn at the end of each month and is open to everyone in all countries.

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