Playing With Food

3:13 PM

My mom always tells me never to play with food...and I never did. Until after seeing all these videos, I think I will disobey her at some point because once I get my hands on these kits, I am going to play with my food for sure. Watch the videos intently and tell me what you think.

I might as well write my uncle in Japan now to send me some stuff like these... There's this popular kind of toy in Japan called Konapun where you go through all the steps of cooking to make tiny realistic replica food items (that aren't actually edible). Each toy set makes a different kind of fake food (cakes, burgers, pizza, sushi, etc). The kit comes with all the "ingredients" plus tiny mixing bowls, spoons, spatulas, etc. Plus whatever "cooking" implement is needed like an oven, stove, freezer, etc. 

"Kona" means powder and the main ingredient is powdered sodium alginate which is a fiber contained in seaweed. Each kit costs around $11 to $50 on eBay. 

Did you enjoy? I did! :-) And since these are fake food for sure I won't get a scolding from my mom.

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