Top 10 Valentine Gifts

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Okay, so someone asked me what I think are best gifts for the Valentine season. I did not have any immediate answer and so I said I better check on my online sources. Good thing the varied choices at EdenFantasys and the whole of WWW-world did not fail me. Here's my list:

1. Sweet Heart Chocolate Box - what can be sexier than food? This would be the most amazing gift to give anyone for Valentine's Day or any special occasion. Everything about this is gorgeous! It screams high quality, expensive looking, tasteful (in more ways than one), beautiful. Not to mention a guaranteed night of delicious fun. Every box costs $29.99. Not bad eh? That's still cheaper than Patchi chocolates but I won't say no to Patchi anytime. Haha! If chocolate doesn't entice you at all then you can choose the strawberry box. This should be something that would spell extra quality time together.

2. Belly Button Ring - This belly button ring clips on, so you can play with the look of being pierced with no pain. This is for your inner rockstar. The ring measures about an inch in diameter, about the same as a quarter. This costs $8.99.

3. Sexy Lingeries - If you want your partner/wife to be happy and make her feel loved even if she has crossed 30/40 or even 50, buy her ravishing lingeries. That would definitely give you some brownie points.

4. Getaway - Just for you two (or however you prefer it). One of the best romantic gifts on Valentine's Day is a secret romantic escapade. You can plan out a place that you and your partner would love to visit and can arrange a trip to the place or somewhere special for the two of you like the first place you went to so you can relieve the memories together. It can be a place where you have been planning your romantic vacation for a while. Something really special would be a trip down memory lane. Visit the place together, where both of you met for the first time and fell in love with each other. There is nothing more romantic than re-living your sweet romantic memories on Valentine's Day. This is priceless!

5. The Good Old Flower Bouquet/Pot - let's face it, even if this may sound cliche already, no girl will decline flowers. Every girl I know gushes when they receive even just a single flower. Flowers have their own way of expressing love. You can arrange for a beautiful flower bouquet with some of the special valentine flowers and gift it to your love. And oh, don't forget to put a note and make sure you write the correct name. This may range from $30-$100 or maybe even higher depending on the arrangement you want.

6. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil - Can be used as, obviously, a massage oil. But it also has a rich scent and absorbs well enough into the skin that it makes a lush post-shower moisturizer. The decadent luxury of 24 karat gold flakes means massaging it into bare shoulders before an evening out will leave your skin with a soft, subtle glow. This product has Apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, and perfume. This costs $38.99.

7. iTunes Gift Certificates - this would be a perfect gift for those who like music. What else? Best of all, you can deliver them on the spot via e-mail. You can even send iTunes Gifts through Facebook as well, or gift specific tracks, albums, TV shows, or movies too.

8. Flickr Pro - for the shutterbug that you love. :-) This does not need any more explaining eh? A Flickr Pro account gift is $24.95 for 1 year and can be either e-mailed or printed out. Your giftee simply enters the code on the gift activation page and gains all the benefits of a Pro account, including unlimited photo and video uploads, storage and bandwidth.

9. Fun in Bed Game - This is a relationship game designed for playful encounters between you and your partner. The object of the game is simply to read a card and carry out the suggestions. The game includes game cards in 6 distinct categories such as: “Kiss me,” “Ask me,” “Tease me,” “Please me,” Surprise me,” and “Talk to me.” Easy to play and learn, you’ll enjoy remembering all the things you enjoy about each other. The game also includes a tickling feather, lady’s stocking, gentleman’s tie and play guide. With 240 cards to choose from you’re sure to find thousands of combinations to make the game last all night long. This fun game set is $21.99.

10. Hot Date Cards - If you’re in the mood for some extra fun and flirting, try out this pack of Hot Date cards, perfect for some intimate play with a partner or significant other. This pack of 50 cards is filled with numerous suggestions that each feature a blank space for you to fill in the missing word. Whether you want it to be raunchy or downright hilarious, you’ll enjoy hours of fun with back and forth exchanges that are sure to let you go all the way. This is the sexiest way to gamble. :-) This is the cheapest at only $4.99.

So did you pick anything you like? Do you have a list too?

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