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House shopping is easy, what with all the many high-rise buildings sprouting here, there and everywhere. Decorating seem easy and furnishing the condo unit or a house may be too tall an order but with inspiration and ideas available online a daunting task can be easy after all. I was looking for design inspirations online for a minimalist living room and I found these pictures:

I love the contrast of red and white in this living room. But if I were to decide, I'd pick a dark gray couch. 
The functional shelves in this design is what I love most. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind round red carpet. 
I guess you know what I like here. The dark furnishings. :-) 

Here are some tips for make it beautiful and decorative small living rooms design. Colors, furnishings, the layout, the walls and other small aspects are just as good to create your own design:

Maximize the use of vertical wall space by adding bookcases and shelves.

Chic and functional. 
If you have more than one window and don’t mind a dip in the amount of natural light, you may be able to break a conventional rule and block a window with something large. While it may or may not work, a bookcase or vertically oriented entertainment unit in front of a window is at least an option.

The shelves block the natural light but not totally so you still get to enjoy the view plus the shelves will cast an amazing shadow in the afternoon. 
Use wall shelves for collectible items and photos instead of furnishing that set on the floor. By keeping the floor as clear as possible it will make the living room appear larger.

I like this set-up when all the knick knacks are removed. 
Choose small to medium sized furniture. One large piece of furniture is acceptable such as a couch or an entertainment center but don’t get carried away. If you need floor furniture then one or two end tables or a small coffee table is plenty and they should not be cluttered up.

Love the chair. Maybe change the throw pillow cases to a solid color to make it pass as minimalist though. 
Need compact multi functional furniture pieces and furnishings that optimize usable space quite effectively.

My kind of living room. Black, white and red and unique shapes and sizes. Okay, let's remove the wall decors. 
Don't you just love clean lines, solid colors and clean spaces? I do...very much!

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