Samsung Philippines Exclusive Bloggers' Conference

2:11 PM

I was fortunate to be invited to the Samsung Philippines Exclusive Bloggers' Conference last April 7 at Seventh High Lounge at the Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. I was pretty excited to join as I don't know what to expect in an exclusive bloggers event. I went there with just two hours of sleep and a timeline that at 10PM I should be back to work already. At the reception, I was greeted by two amiable ladies who then asked for my name. They immediately recognized that I own "". How thoughtful! I was given a sticker name tag and a 2GB Samsung flash band.

I entered the venue and lo and behold I did not know a single soul. I knew I have read a few blogs written by some people in there but I have never talked to any one yet much less be close to anyone. I picked a corner and sit myself comfy in a couch with the same color as my bag (fail). I was served a bowl of almonds and other nuts and was asked what drink I want. I asked what they serve and I was told they serve rum coke, vodka sprite, tequila sunrise, iced tea and soda (Coke/Sprite). I was tempted to order rum coke or tequila sunrise but I still have to go to work after the event so I ordered iced tea. We were then served the appetizer, salad, main course and dessert all while the presentations were ongoing.

The event was hosted by Sarah Hernandez who was both pretty and eloquent to say the least. While everyone was busy eating and conversing with each other, the video introduction of the Samsung Smart TV was shown. Here's a copy of the video that was shown to everyone at the event:

Everyone was drooling (figuratively) and I bet everyone was wishing they could take home one or even own one. The Samsung Smart TV is a cornucopia of things that were previously once thought impossible. It is truly smart. What I am most excited about is the TV's ability to connect to social networking sites and also Skype among other things. I will talk about the things I can do with the Samsung Smart TV in a separate blog entry so watch out for it. The Samsung Smart TV is also boasts of having entertainment-related apps like YouTube, Netflix and Napster. You'll also find games, news, social apps and communication tools available for download. Amazing eh?

All of the 3D models will feature built-in Ethernet connection, wireless-ready capabilities, and Internet@TV, which provides access to the world’s first HDTV-based application store Samsung Apps. Samsung also announced that several new content providers will be delivering content and applications to the Samsung Apps store. Finally, outstanding design and energy-saving features will ensure that the 3D products fit with the sophisticated taste and environmental awareness of the modern consumer. -Samsung Philippines Website

It was truly an immersion for the bloggers’ in a gathering to unveil the new Samsung Smart TV. Indeed, a new dimension of TV is here. The product manager hosted a Q&A and bloggers were given a chance to ask questions. The show culminated with a raffle with 5 bloggers going home with a Samsung DVD Player. And no, I didn't win any. But still I am hopeful that I could win the Samsung Smart TV. Let's all find out soon...

I did try to tinker with the TV using the Galaxy tab and I was able to open my blog. Yeeehaaa! Before I went home, I had a conversation with the product manager about the product's technical support and she graciously answered. Overall it was one awesome event that I didn't regret going to. My two-hour sleep kept me up on my toes during the whole event and I met new friends too (Jerome and Adrian). We all had fun exploring the D8000 model, even wearing the 3D shades. My blog sure looks good in that big screen (Santa can you hear me?) Then again, the easiest and at the same time the hardest way for me to own one is to join the blog contest and hope that I win one. If only I could be creative enough in coming up with images and ideas about the things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV.

Thank you to Samsung Philippines for hosting the event and thank you to Ms. Janette Toral for the event invite.

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