Dining Destination: Gilak by Hossein

12:10 AM

I had an impromptu lunch date with my friend Olive last Saturday. She waited for me at Marc Jacobs in Greenbelt 5 and when I arrived she asked me what I wanted to eat. I told her I have been wanting to eat Persian food for the past week and she was curious about it too so we went to Gilak by Hossein in Greenbelt 3. It was a short walk but it was too hot outside. Ah, summer sun!

We sat in a corner table and ordered vegetable samosa, chicken kebab, beef kebab and saffron basmati rice. The food was nothing extraordinary. I wanted to order the fried brain but I thought it would scare Olive. Hehe! I am very experimental when it comes to food and I would try to eat anything once except maybe roaches and rats. Good thing those weren't served there. Else, I would be grossed out.

A samosa is a stuffed pastry and since we ordered the vegetable samosa the filling was all vegetable. It had potatoes and peas for sure. The other ingredients I wasn't able to determine. I thought the pastry was overcooked or something and I prefer the samosas at the Ziggurat in Burgos Street. Me and Olive had to had to stay for a little while longer to finish the four slices. If you haven't tried samosas, it is the Filipino version of "empanada".

I am no vegetarian so the idea of skewered chicken and beef excited me so much. I can’t imagine a world where I can’t savor grilled meat that is bursting with flavors. I also liked the sauce that came with it. We ordered humus and medium spicy chili sauce as well as sliced tomatoes on the side.

Our lunch was not that spectacular, nothing to rave about really. I was just happy to have seen Olive again and catch up with the stories of our lives and was able to satiate my Persian food craving at the same time. We then headed to Forever 21 to shop but that's another story. After shopping, I went to get some waxing done (oh yeah, that's another story).

Hope you all have a good week ahead...

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