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A couple of days ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Samsung Philippines Exclusive Bloggers' Conference. I was able to meet other bloggers and try the new Samsung Smart TV features. I was floored! That TV is a must-have.

Samsung once again confirms its technological leadership that radically changes the way we use a television through a sleek design, cutting-edge technologies and also a treasure trove of a rich platform for innovative local applications (many of which are exclusive) and international. In this way, consumers will be able to transform every single moment spent watching television in an exciting and memorable event. Gone are the days when couch potatoes are just like that, plain old couch potatoes. Now, I have all the excuse in the world to stay home and watch TV but still be digitally connected to the world around you.

Samsung is labeling their new generation of screens as "Smart TVs" because well these television sets are smart beyond imagination. The new Smart TV platform provides viewers with a gateway to a multitude of entertainment ranging from Video, Music, Social Networking, News and Games amongst other things. Samsung’s Smart TV offers users a diverse range of content to bring something for everyone in the family.

Now, what are "The Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV"...let me count the ways.

1. Share my life to the world in the comforts of my couch. - Now I don't have to get out of the couch to update my Facebook status or check my Twitter feeds or chat with someone on Skype or Google Talk nor I would need to power on several appliances to do everything I want to do to keep my friends and family posted of what I am doing or what's running in my mind. I can share my life to the world with simple clicks and presses and scrolls using the remote provided to control this smart creation.

2. Access my social media networks while watching a TV show or a movie. - Oh yes, that is possible! Gone are the days when I miss a few scenes because I have to look at my laptop and update my networks. Now, I can do the watching and the updating at the same time using the same screen. I can connect with my networks while seated comfortably on my couch. I will be on top of things for sure. I will never miss another tweet on Twitter or another status update on Facebook. 

3. Multitask. - Since the TV has been equipped with Wi-Fi it's a sure welcome addition to the things I can use in multitasking. Imagine being able to watch a TV show on my favorite channels while at the same time updating my Facebook status, reading news feeds, checking my Twitter feeds, and the like. What more can I ask for? It sure is a tool I can use in my ever connected and mobile lifestyle. What a treat? If my boyfriend wants to watch his football shows and I'm not in the mood to watch it, then I can always just stay beside him while ranting over on Twitter or Facebook. LOL! What's more? I can now book flights while still being glued to the TV. I can now order pizza, burger and hotdogs and even drinks while enjoying my favorite show. I can now look through my favorite group buying websites for cheap coupons for trips and spa services. I can now check my work email (I know I should have work-life balance but...). I can watch TV while my mom research on how to kill them zombies on Plants vs. Zombies. I can be the queen of multitasking yet again! 

4. Surf all day, all night. - I can do this if I want it to happen knowing that it is again possible using the Samsung Smart TV. How smart? A dedicated web browser, optimized for use with the Samsung Smart TV, allows me to expand my TV entertainment experience. I can search, I can watch online videos, I can read news, I can network – it’s up to me. The power of technology bequeathed to my fingertips. Oh yeah, without worrying that I'll burn my lap (read: overheating laptop!). No more making do with just a 15-inch screen gadget. 

5. Universal access. - A unified search of content on the TV, PC, the internet, and other devices making photos, videos and up-to-date news available directly through the TV. The Samsung Smart TV now becomes the center of all my entertainment needs. 

6. Navigate around the world in style. - Now, I can travel in style too and I wouldn't be required a passport or a visa because this TV will be my passport to places I have never been to and want to go to. This TV offers ultra-real picture quality and that's enough for me to stay home while saving for the real big trip. I need not pack my suitcase nor pay for excess baggage. This slim dream will be my transporter to the whole world. One day I'll be in Alaska, the next day in Niagara or maybe Antarctica or maybe Galapagos or maybe in Korea. The possibilities for sure is limitless. I can travel the world as often as I switch the power button on. 

7. Geek for life. - The Smart TV line includes integrated support for specific web-based apps such as social networking options, gaming hubs, free online video, TV streaming and various other formats and genres. The Smart TV also provides full web browsing support to allow users to frequent both the internet and online mobile media from the comfort of their couch. I can now edit my photos through online photo editing softwares. I can now learn computer language that I am not aware of. 

8. Search online digital media. - Before the dawn of this TV, I have to use a laptop when watching TV. Whether it was to see the latest basketball or gymnastics scores, search Google for the information I am looking for, or search for that next dream holiday through my favorite airlines. But now with the full web browser in Samsung Smart TVs I can do all of this while watching TV with picture in picture. The Samsung Smart TV web browser also supports Flash meaning I can even view video through the internet.

9. Movie nights host. - No more lining up in cinemas, no more shelling out wads of cash to watch a 3D movie. I remember when I had to line up to watch Avatar then when it was my turn to buy the ticket I was told that the cinema is already full and I have to wait for the next screening. Such a disappointment. Owning this Samsung Smart TV will save me all that hassle plus I get to invite friends over for some bonding over a movie. Oh, what a joy it will be when I impress friends with the wonders of this new generation TV. 

10. Apps-savvy. - Samsung Apps is a growing collection of premium web-connected apps specifically built for this TV that connects me to my favorite digital content such as movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu Plus, videos from YouTube, Next Level sports information from ESPN, music from Pandora, and social updates from Facebook or Twitter. Awesome, awesome, awesome! The apps will fundamentally change how we interact with the TV. It's not really news to say that the old broadcast model has been replaced by systems that put more control in the hands of the user, where content used to be pre-packaged, it's now available when and where the consumer wants it.

11. Revolutionary. - I can make up my own channels by mixing and matching programs. I can do this no doubt about it. This TV will learn what I like and recommend what I should watch based on what I have watched before. Now, this one's a sensitive partner...

12. Talk via Skype! - I can now have endless conversations through Skype with my loved ones who are far away. Yes, I can do this with my laptop but then knowing that I can view them through a larger than life screen makes me all giddy. That's talking to someone almost real life with just a screen in between. Now, I have to make sure I don't forget my derma visits since my pores will be visible for sure. With this feature, I can broadcast my wedding to the world! And oh, I can probably submit a proposal to my boss if we can Skype when I am at home if there is a meeting that I needed to attend. I can only imagine their reactions if they see my vivid and clear image on screen. Nifty idea ain't it?

13. Twitter all I want. - For sure, for sure! I can now read feeds and connect with the world using my 140-character limit per tweet. All these while again, watching TV.

14. Virtual dominance. - Gone are the days when televisions are for well, just watching TV, they are now the media hub for my own home.

As of the moment, Samsung Philippines are in talks with content providers to provide us consumers with more things to enjoy and experience. Truly, this TV is both a solution and innovation in one. Experience a smarter life. Join in! What are you waiting? Turn on the TV of tomorrow, today! With Samsung Smart TV, I can do all that and more...

Here's a little poem I wrote as inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height of your screen
My soul can reach, the breakthrough in your technology
For the apps and your searching capability.
I love thee to the level of every day's TV watching
Your advance features, the Smart Hub, will change the way I watch TV.
I love thee freely, for the convenience you give me
I love thee purely, oh Samsung Smart TV
I love thee because I can surf and enjoy true internet surfing on a big screen
In my old grief, no longer will watching TV be an antisocial event
I love thee because of the 3D cinematic experience you give me
With your craftsmanship, --- I love thee, no more visual boundary
Smiles, tears, of all my life!
I shall but love thee from now until eternity. 

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