The Cinderella Story (Royal Wedding)

2:07 PM

I read in a blog somewhere a couple of days that the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton were patterned to Cinderella (well at least the clothes and dresses) including that of the "evil step sisters". I knew there is something wrong with the picture and there's no truth to the claim. Weird as it may sound, I can say that my fairytale story adeptness didn't make me fall into the trap.

This is the picture that launch a thousand eyebrows:

The image above of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they were walking outside the Westminster Abbey before going to the Buckingham Palace seemed to match the picture circulating in the email world as depicting a scene in the Disney classic film "Cinderella". However, one may observe that the color of Kate's hair was altered to make it appear like it was indeed patterned after the fairytale story and made it look like it's the Royal Wedding.

Who can forget the queen of fascinators Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie? They were patterned after the evil step sisters.

It pays to know your fairytale...I wasn't duped. Were you?

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