Firing Empty Bullets

12:15 AM

I feel so scatterbrained right now. I have so much stuff going on inside my head. I'm thinking about sooooo many things. I am out of focus. Maybe because I haven't been making any plans for virtually everything, I just react on impulse, out of whim. Not to mention, I have completely abandoned my Belle de Jour Power Planner as well as my Starbucks Planner and I don't even use my Blackberry organizer/calendar. Ahhh, I don't know. The only thing that's organized in my life right now is this blog (it's still arranged every month depending on when I publish a post). Sad story...

1. My birthday is just around the corner, just a little over two weeks to go.

- I have no plans at all. (I overheard my officemates planning a surprise though) - not sure about what it is. The only thing that I have done is at least file a vacation leave from June 16-20. Maybe I will push through with my Singapore flight, maybe I won't. I'll rely on what feels right a week before. Let's see...
- I haven't decided if I would do another birthday giveaway. Maybe if I hit 500 followers! :-) What do you say? It will be a nice birthday gift for sure.

2. My blog will turn 3 on July.

- I do not have any plans yet but for sure there will be a blog birthday giveaway so watch out for it. I am just not sure as to what I will give away this time. I might give away a mix of books and beauty products.
- I have written more posts this year compared to last year. I now have about 160 posts compared to 145 around this time last year.

3. I am going to Singapore in August and meet a good friend.

- We have made initial plans already and it would be so cool to meet someone for the first time. For now, we tweet and chat and that's about it. J's pretty interesting and I can only imagine how much fun meeting would be like.
- I will also be meeting several other friends who are working in Singapore. I will find time for sure.

4. I have no real plans for September other than to continue losing weight for my sister's wedding on October. 
- Maybe I should squeeze in the New Zealand trip here. Who knows? Maldives or Fiji or Palau is calling me too... There's just too many options.

5. My sister's wedding month is slated on October.

- I am looking forward to finally lose at least 20 pounds to fit into the maid-of-honor dress that I will be wearing. I have made my mind up into doing my own makeup on that day. I might do her make-up too who knows. At the moment, I just published some save the date (comic-inspired) pictures.

6. I am still flip-flopping over applying for a Canadian tourist visa or not.

- I just keep on postponing it. I need to find a reason to do it. At this point, I just need a little reassurance that somehow when the plane lands, somebody's gonna say "Well, hello there LittleMissKessa, it's nice to see you. How did your flight go?" Does anyone have any tip on how I can ace the consul interview? 

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