Help Needed: What To Wear?

12:02 PM

My sister asked me to be her maid-of-honor for her wedding late this year. I didn't know how to react. I agreed of course (as if I have any other choice). Anyway, she's five years younger than me and has been with her boyfriend for more than 5 years and I am not currently in any committed relationship so her getting married first is not so much an issue for me already (I am just not sure with the reactions of the entire neighborhood where I grew up). I can almost see inquisitive looks and questioning eyes on the wedding day itself (but who cared?).

I am actually more concerned about what to wear to the wedding. I haven't been a maid-of-honor and much as I don't know what to wear yet, I also do not know what will be my role. Maybe I need to read about what Pippa Middleton did during her sister's royal wedding or probably just read up about the responsibilities of an MOH. I have already booked my plane tickets and I also bought the engaged couple a round trip ticket from General Santos City to Manila and vice versa and it will be my wedding gift to them.

I have found the following designs but I am not yet sure if the bride will approve of any. Maybe she will, I don't really know. All she requested was for me to get a gown in purple and I should wear a fascinator. Not entirely rocket science but in the game of choosing the right and suitable dress for the occasion, it's never going to be easy. I plan to do my own make-up too by the way. I need your help my dear readers...

See, this indecision has left me preoccupied lately and I have even forgotten that my blog anniversary is coming up in two months and I have no plans yet. Ahhh, so little time too much to do. You can leave a comment to show me your choice.

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