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I went to the advanced MYOH a day before it opened to the public as a HavLove fashion insider. I like invites like this. I tagged Olive along just in case she wants to get one limited edition flip flops too. Jonah was enjoying the Puerto Galera sun so I was not able to tag her along.

Every year, Havaianas takes its eagerly anticipated Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) event to another level. Fashion fans all over the world know that style is what you make it. So this year, Havaianas pays homage to the fashion capitals of the world in the biggest and best MYOH event to date! - HavLove Newsletter 

I personally love the theme this year as it is about travel. It coincides with my plan of upping up my travel plans and finally put my passport into good use.

I bought two pairs (both slim, ocean green sole and icy pink strap and the travel sole in tan with ocean green strap) as I didn't have time to brainstorm on what other designs I want since I am a little under the weather. I was "flip-flopping" over getting a thick strap because I really liked the pink/blue combo but I gave in to the slim straps. I also didn't pick too many charms. I didn't want to stay long in the crowd because I get a little irked by lines and stuff plus I didn't want to infect anyone else with any possible flu virus I have. I might be back again before the event ends so I can pick one for my sis and my mom.

MYOH this year is very organized (at least when I went there yesterday). The samples are placed right in the middle so you can check the tops/soles/pin combinations that you like before you have your own pair made. They also hand out a piece of paper where you can check your choices. There is a limit of 5 pairs per person so if you plan to buy more, you have to bring a buddy with you. Head on to Rockwell Tent from May 12-16 to get your own pair.

NOTE: Thank you to Luigi and Geo for assembling my flip flops. 

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