Tagaytay Family Trip

2:41 PM

Oh my! March and April passed me by so quick. I never did have any summer escapade. I never left Manila and hop on a plane. The most I did was go to Tagaytay when my family came over to visit. Anyway, I have planned for a few local and international travels and I am just awaiting for the dates. My wanderlust is tickling my feet really bad but then my duties at work are deterring me to pack the bags and just go. After all I can't play diva when I am awaiting for my promotion appraisal. 

I wish I could have gone to Palawan or Boracay again but then I got stuck in my concrete jungle, Makati. I guess summer wasn't supposed to be enjoyed by me this year. Maybe the rainy days will bring me more cheer after all.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the Tagaytay trip I wanted to share to you all before May closes and June opens:

Some pictures taken at Leslie's Restaurant and People's Park In The Sky (so windy!)

That hanging bridge was an attraction for the city people in us...
Tried on some wigs, mohawks and all...
It was a fun trip with my family and my friends, Eddene and Jonah. I wish we could do it again.

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