Miley Cyrus Live In Manila

6:24 PM

Yay! I am going to watch Miley perform tomorrow at the Mall of Asia concert grounds. The Philippines is the only country in Asia that she will be visiting in line with her Corazon Gitano Tour. Here are the rest of her schedule:

6/17/11 Manila, Philippines
6/21/11 Brisbane, Australia
6/23/11 Melbourne, Australia
6/24/11 Melbourne, Australia
6/26/11 Sydney, Australia
6/27/11 Sydney, Australia
6/29/11 Adelaide, Australia
7/2/11 Perth, Australia

“The Gypsy Heart tour is a dream come true. Not only because of all the beautiful cities I will get to visit, but all of the beautiful people I will get to meet. Gypsy Heart is not just a tour for me, but a mission to spread love,” stated Cyrus. The live show will feature music from Cyrus’ latest solo album “Can’t Be Tamed,” and much more.

I just hope it won't rain. While brainstorming what to wear, let me leave you with these videos of her that I like:

Well, she's a talented young lady after all!

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