My 13-Year Old Cringe-Worthy Self

11:28 AM

Sixteen years ago I was a chirpy, perky (name it! whatever) first year high school student in a science curriculum high school. Back then cliques (a clique is an inclusive group of people who share common interests, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, or ethnicity) were very common in my school. We were all girls and then eventually some boys who we go out to lunch with joined our group. We called our group KRAZEL Groovers. Hahaha! Just thinking about it makes me cringe. All the letters stands for the first letter of our names. It was kind of cute back then but now it just feels so passe and so immature. Anyway, it was cool back then. We were the untouchables (at some point).

Our group is the minority such that we come from different grade schools. The other equally famous group all came from one school, the neighbor of our high school. Our group would huddle in between classes. We have lunch and breaks together and so many other activities. We would often create our projects together and spend weekends and some holidays in one of our classmate's house. Since they lived in the compound of the cable provider, we always had first dibs on new videos coming out. Cable TV then was not as famous and common as it is now. It wasn't even a household thing at home because my television time was limited. I had to study at a specified time and if I don't want to then I have to stay in my room. That's how rigid my high school life was. You can ask my mom. I would often find myself inside my room wishing that I was in front of the TV instead.

To get to the point of this post, my high school was so rigid that when I go to a classmate's house, it is FREEDOM. I can watch TV. I can watch Cable TV. I can watch MTV. Haha! It is when I knew of Alanis Morissette, Nick Carter (well mainly the Backstreet Boys), Code Red, Peter Andre, Spice Girls (our group song was Wannabe), Take That, Boyzone and yeah our forever crush Devon Sawa. I can't imagine him as a grown-up now. So yeah, we were almost always glued to MTV as we wait our favorite videos. Me and the girls would scream our hearts out when we hear Get Down or Anywhere For You by the Backstreet Boys (well literally all their songs that were released), Can We Talk by Code Red, and other songs that we all get so giggly about. Here are some of the songs:

Fast forward to 2011, I rarely watch TV anymore although it's just in the living room of my apartment. I don't go gaga over any celebrity anymore. I don't know what happened to me. Is this a sign that I have grown old and matured? I miss my 13 year old self sometimes.

Do you still remember your 13-year old self and what you used to do?

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