My First Ever Trip to Coron Part 1

12:28 PM

NOTE: This is the first of the series of posts about my first ever trip to Coron, Palawan.

I am currently nursing a bad case of body aches and pains. My overused leg muscles (walking/trekking/swimming) still feel sore to the touch and the calf muscles feel hard and it took me a lot of effort to haul my luggage from the first to the second floor of my apartment. On second thoughts, my trip was all worth it. Truly, time is so fast when you are enjoying especially so when you are having the time of your life with friends. This trip is a welcome respite to the seemingly unending tasks hurled to me at work. Even then, indulging one's self in travels and good food is not something that would make me feel guilty and this aching legs just needs some rest and it'll be out and about in a burst of wanderlust yet again.

The workssheet I maintained to keep track of our payments for the tour fee which was Php3500 each including all meals, all tours, airport transfers, tour guide fee and of course accommodation. How budget-friendly was that? 

This trip all started when while browsing airline pages I saw a good deal that I could not pass up from the Airphil Express website. It was a trip from Manila-Busuanga-Manila at only Php1581 inclusive of tax and other surcharges. It was still more expensive than the piso fares plus tax from another airline but I saved myself from the hassle of trying to book online only to find out that the slot has been taken away by someone with a faster internet connection so I settled. I then asked some co-workers to join me in my super late summer vacation. Karen and Lai agreed and decided to bring their boyfriends, Jigs and Rodney (they both paid Php3200 RT fare). Jeff and Nori, one of our office workforce management analysts decided to join too as well as Jerin. Jerin, unfortunately was not able to join because he had a medical situation to attend to. His slot was taken by our Danish friend, Christian (paid Php5000 RT fare). The shy Dane decided to spend the last three days of his Philippine vacation with a bunch of rowdy and fun Filipinos who all work in a call center. What a contrast!

Our flight itinerary. Yeah, I fly economy class too... I'm not high maintenance after all. 

Days before the scheduled trip, I browsed weather websites and learned that there will be scattered thunderstorms and rains in Coron during the entire three days that we will be there. I was heartbroken but still hoped that the weather will not dampen our travel.

The weather forecast... Fail! 

Anyway, we all decided to meet up at the NAIA Terminal 3. Upon check-in, we experienced a little delay because Rodney forgot to bring his ID but I was able to charm the lady at the counter and she decided to just accept the ATM card bearing his name. I know she did a little violation against her duties and so we thanked her profusely that she didn't refuse the entry of one of our travel buddies. It could have been an early disappointment. We then went to the boarding area and settled inside the bus that would take us to our plane where we were advised that Busuanga is experiencing a bad weather condition with zero visibility. We alighted from the bus and waited in the boarding area again as our Bombardier Aerospace turboprop aircraft waited for the final clearance from the tower. After a short five-minute wait, we were advised that Palawan skies is now safe for travel. Our prayers were heard and we couldn't be more excited.

Our flight was fast and we arrived in Busuanga 27 minutes ahead of schedule despite the occasional turbulence up in the air. I was surprised at how simple and old school the airport was (no conveyor belt to say the least for baggages) but who am I to complain? After all, I am not going to stay long inside the airport. Our tour guide was already outside waiting for us. I will be posting an article about Ryan, our guide, and the travel and tours company he works for which is managed by Ms. Mila Gamboa. It is an understatement to say that their service was amazing and we were all impressed.

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