My First Ever Trip to Coron Part 4

5:06 PM

Banol Beach

After staying and swimming to our hearts content in Kayangan Lake, our group transferred to Banol Beach. Banol Beach is just one of the many white sand beaches you can find on the island. It is a small, cozy beach with a few huts being rented out by the locals. Good thing our tour organizer reserved a hut for us already. I'm not sure how much the rent was if you will just go straight to the place. There were a few shaded areas to sit and eat if you don't get a hut of your own though.

The waves were not strong, the waters blue and green depending on the depth and the beach is just around 500 meters. The beach was beautiful, very peaceful, serene and unassuming. The fine sand invited me to take off my flip flops and just enjoy the warmth and feel it gave the soles of my foot. The backdrop of the short stretch of sand were amazing limestone rocky mountains. The formations were something only nature can do. It was breathtaking.

While Ryan and the young boys who served as our tour guides prepared our lunch (grilled squid, grilled unicorn fish, grilled eggplant with tomato and onion, rice and ripe mango), we decided to take a dip and enjoy the cool water. We were told to be careful not to step on any sea urchin if we see any and not to wander on the edge near the rock formation as some jelly fish might sting us. Ryan took it upon himself to go and check the water so no accidents will happen. How thoughtful! When lunch was ready, we all ate together and enjoyed great food and conversations. Food was sumptuous and undeniably delish. Oh, what fresh seafood can do to your palate!

After lunch, we all ran to the waters to swim some more. We left the beach with a heavy heart but full of anticipation as we prepared to go to the Twin Lagoon.

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