Hanging Out at Salcedo Market

2:51 PM

Let me share some photos I took from my recent trip to Salcedo Market.

Rambutan at Php80/kilo.  Rambutan is the medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae.  It is native to Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.  The name rambutan is from the Indonesian word "rambutan" which literally means hairy. 

This is probably my most favorite spot in the market. I so wanted to have a garden of my own one day. 

Corn in cob - my favorite! 

Bell pepper is also known as sweet pepper or capsicum and is very high in calcium. 

Pitaya or Pitahaya fruit is commonly known as the dragon fruit. It is a wonderful exotic fruit aside from being nutritious. It features a mouth-watering taste, an intense shape and color (kinda weird if you see for the first time).  It is a good fruit to eat when you are trying to lose weight because it has very high water content like watermelon. 

I was so happy when I saw a stall selling Europen breads. At last, I know where to get some rye when I decide to make some smorrebrod again. Smorrebrod is the Danish open sandwich that I have started to learn how to make. 

Have you been to Salcedo Market lately?

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