Friday, November 11, 2011

Exposed: Tea and Honesty

I am writing this post because I wanted to share my story. I bit the bait and I got bitten in return. I know that vote padding (in this case "like" padding) is rampant but I did not expect that some people would go so low to the point of doing this for a box of tea. I have observed people doing this to get their own iPads or any other big ticket prozes but never for a small reward in the end. You ask me now why then do I make a big deal out of this? It is because it is my first time to be a contender to a cheater, I had first hand experience.


I would honestly say that I joined this contest because I wanted to test my brain in answering the trivia and having my real friends like my answer so I will win some free stuff (in this case just mere three boxes of tea). The contest went well from Monday to Thursday morning this week until I observed later in the afternoon that the likes of one of the participants kept on increasing by the minute. At first, I shrugged it off. I knew I had enough friends I could campaign to and my sister is online too so she can tell her friends as well.

The inquisitive me decided to click the likes and check the likers. Good heavens! After carefully thinking of a plan of action, I chose not to delve into the specifics anymore as it only makes me livid about the situation. The screencaps I took will stay in my files so I can look them up one day and be reminded by the sad reality of marketing and consumerism.

A Facebook liking contest is easily maneuvered and won by cunning people by creating multiple fake accounts and "liking" an entry using those fake accounts. If an entry gains more hundreds (or even thousands) of "Likes", there’s no way the contest sponsor can check and determine if all the Facebook accounts are legit or not. And most sponsoring companies NEVER check. The cheater always win, again and again in a Liking contest by shuffling his/her multiple Facebook accounts. -Grace of Sandier Pastures


Of course I did not win. I don’t feel bad for myself because I know I can always buy from the store if my supply runs out. I feel bad for my friends who took the time to vote for me so I am writing this as a warning to myself not to join this kind of contest again. Never, yes, never again will I join and I hope companies will be more conscientious and should investigate at least so they maintain the integrity of their product pages.

Now, I can't even begin to reconcile with myself how low people can go to amass prizes and freebies. This specific contest I joined only has a box or two of tea as prize. What more if the prize was an iPad2 or a trip to some faraway land?

This is not about the prize. This is about a wake up call that people out there are essentially going to stoop down to their level when push comes to shove. I am not going to name the company anymore (because I know that they are not the only ones ganged up by this issue). I am just sincerely hoping that these certain people would change and take it to themselves that what their feeding their families are products of deceit. I know it's wrong to curse but I feel like doing it, so I will indulge myself. I hope the tea does what I can't do. Enjoy your tea party. #JustSaying

I have said my piece and this will be the end of it and I hope that this will be the last time that someone will cheat me. Animetric has sworn off joining these kind of contests too and I am joining the wagon. We learned our lessons the hard way.

By the way, read this interesting LINK from the Facebook Promotions Guidelines.

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MereMakeupManiac said...

i also do not like facebook likes contests anymore. kakahiya din to pester friends to like your entry. ok pa yung contest to send entry to say something about the product.