My Story Will Bring Me To Malaysia

10:53 AM

I received an email in my inbox on the 24th of October about the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards from the Nuffnang Team. Come December 16, 500 bloggers and guests from all over the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia) will once again take to the red carpet in a black tie event, and be treated to a night of fine dining and brilliant entertainment and after party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nominations were opened for the following categories: Hidden Gem, Best Original Blog Design, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Food Blog, Best Travel Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Photography Blog, Best Geek Blog, and Best Parenting Blog. The Blogger of the Year award was not opened for nomination. Bloggers and readers sent their nominations and a couple of weeks ago the finalists were released and readers were asked to vote for the most deserving blog for each category.

Nuffnang Philippines want to share the amazing experience that the finalists/nominees will feel so they organized a contest for anyone who would be willing to share their Nuffnang story. Of course, I joined! You see, writing is a form of therapy for me and I don't really have huge expectations when joining contests. There were two options available:

Option A: Write a blog post titled "My Nuffnang Story". Share about your journey with Nuffnang - the fun times you had, the friends you've made; if you're new to Nuffnang, you can write about the things you are looking forward to as a part of the community!

Option B: Write a blog post titled "Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come". Share the top 3 reasons why you want to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011.

A winning entry will entitle you to: One invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011, 3D2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott, with breakfast included, semi-guided itinerary around destinations in Kuala Lumpur, one invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location (I already know where but I will not reveal yet) in Kuala Lumpur, invite does not include flight ticket to Malaysia.

I chose to write about my Nuffnang Story (Option A). If you missed to read my entry, click this LINK. I wrote about my Nuffnang experiences since I joined back in 2009. See, even if the flight ticket was not included I still decided to join because Malaysia is one country I would love to visit time and again. I have just been there last week and I could not wait to go back. I joined because I wanted to share my amazing and fun-filled journey with Nuffnang and my blog. I have faced discouragements but I didn't give up hope because I know that one day, somehow, I will win big.

Imagine my excitement when I received a message through Twitter and my email that I WON that elusive grand prize. So yes, I could only be so grateful that Nuffnang liked my entry and that I will be able to attend the blog awards this year. And yes, Nuffnang was generous enough to throw in the airfare for free. Thank you so much Nuffnang for making all these happen for me. This event will definitely be added to my treasure trove of wonderful memories.

Now, what do I wear to the event? Kuala Lumpur here I come!!!

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