Of Monkeys At Batu Cave

1:50 PM

I have never seen a monkey and its little one ever so I was kind of amused when I saw a few when we visited the Batu Caves in Malaysia. These monkeys feed on the coconut that the locals give them or from stealing food and water from the tourists. So if you have food with you, don't dangle it to the primates as they will for sure take it away from you in a very surprising way. When you hear shrieks of shock when you go up the cave, chances are it's from someone with food or water. 

Mama Monkey climbed from the foot of the stairs leading to the cave with her little one hanging on for dear life in her belly. I was pretty amused. I just had to take a picture...
This monkey skillfully opened the bottle after stealing it from my friend and then spills the contents to drink some water. He can't do it like I do. Haha! Human=1; Monkey=0
And obviously this is the Papa Monkey. He's got balls (pun intended) to steal food... But hey, why do monkeys all look alike? 

Hanuman Ji - the half-human/half-monkey Indian diety

Directions: Batu Caves is about 13km from Kuala Lumpur City. The easiest way to reach Batu Caves is by Komuter train from KL Sentral station. It costs RM2 for one way journey. You can also take a taxi, which would cost RM20-25 from KL Sentral (insist for meter ride-always). You can also reach Batu Caves by bus 11/11D buses from Bangkok Bank Terminus (Near the Puduraya Terminus) or Bus U6 from Titiwangsa.

More about Batu Caves and the Golden Statue of Murugan on my next posts...

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