Oh Singapore, I Want More!

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My next trip to Singapore early next year is already ironed out and I haven't even finished blogging about my last trip yet. I went to Singapore last month with Olive. It was a very full trip and an eventful one too. Some of the things that happened I will not write about anymore but for sure those were etched in both my memory and Olive's too. While in Singapore, we were able to meet Eddene (my high school classmate) and Amayah (our college classmate).

I did fiddle with my camera and chose an automatic setting that was very nice in my camera but very dark and unreal when I uploaded it. Anyway, I will be sharing some of the pictures that I think came out nice at least.

Eddene, Olive and I met at Ion Orchard and we had our lunch at Food Republic. I love Singapore's food courts because it doesn't look like a food court. It's relatively clean and organized unlike the food courts here in the Philippines. I also observed that each stall offers unique food choices. There's a stall that offers dim sum, another one offers curry and vegetables, another one offers chicken rice variations, another one for laksa and soup-based dishes as well as ramen and many others. Hmmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Approaching Singapore aboard PAL plane

The cleanest train so far. It's a little scary because there were only a few passengers. I kept thinking about the horror movies I have watched with train scenes. This was from Changi Airport (Terminal 2) to Tanah Merah station.

The Christmas tree at the Orchard Road

We were at the Esplanade when I took this picture. Super zoom lens at work...

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (another super zoom at work)

The Merlion and Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The barrier was set-up to thwart any suicide attempts. There has been reports that many people took their own lives by jumping to the water to drown. Gave me the creeps!

Olive and Amayah near the Merlion. 

Me posing with one of the elephants scattered around public places in Singapore. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and The Singapore Flyer (Helix Bridge and Art Science Museum can be seen where we were too)

The Durian elephant. How artistic!!!

Chijmes is a historic building that is considered to be a national monument. It was once a Catholic Convent School. This complex now houses restaurants (indoor or al fresco options).

CHIJ means Convent of Holy Infant Jesus. This is located in Victoria Street. This old church functions as a wedding venue by Watabe weddings. The architecture is very intricate. 

This is one of the rows of shophouses in Kampong Glam (just north of the Singapore River). 

I had so much fun in Singapore but I felt the days we spent there are not enough. You can also read about   my others posts of Singapore here, here and here. I will be posting about an experience at a hawker place  where I tried the kedong dong juice sometime next week. It's going to be a food post. 

I am going back there in February and all reservations have been made and everything's paid already as well. My itinerary is not that hectic though. It will be relaxed (with wine and cheese moments and just lounging in my hotel room). After that trip, I am hoping to come up with Top 10 things to do or eat or whatever. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions on what I need to try when I go back to Singapore.  I would appreciate all suggestions. 

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