Sweet Stuff at USS

6:00 AM

The one thing I really liked about Universal Studios is that they don't frown upon taking pictures of their merchandise. I didn't have to resort to taking some ninja shots to post here. I hate it when store don't allow photography. It's as if I am stealing their products if I do or will their merchandise fade with the flashes? Ah, mind boggling... Anyway, let me share to you some of the pictures I managed to take when I visited Universal Studios in Singapore last month.

The giant Universal globe outside the theme park. The smoke you see is some form of mist to freshen up anyone who comes near . 

Colorful lollies. There were so many kids around this candy post before I took a picture. 
 This candy store is situated on the corner before you turn right to go to the SciFi City. This is a sweet tooth's haven. The candies and chocolates were sold at a reasonable price too.

Giant Chupa Chups... Ah, for sure you can't eat this big lolly. What's inside is a plastic container full of the normal lollipops. I wonder if that lolly is really that big, how long will it take for someone to finish it. 

Chocolates!!! You can pick and mix 10 pieces for only S$5.90. I could stay here all day...

Some more colorful lollies...

And now, the Hershey's store just outside the park. You wouldn't miss this store...

I had so much fun at the Universal Studios. I am going back again next year. I made sure that this is part of my itinerary. I really had so much fun in Singapore. One of the reasons why I will go back is this heady feeling of being a kid again in a theme park.

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